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E2-logo.png This is an entry for E2: The Event Event.

Survivor, Puzzle Pirates
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Yep, survivor has hit PP (**plays tribal music**). The game is simple, 154 survivors will be jobbed onto the Final Survivorfish to see who is the Ultimate survivor! by simply seeing who can outlast everyone else by doing nothing!

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Everyone, mostly people who play puzzle pirates for long periods of time. Elapsed time Until there is one survivor left.
Unit of Entry Send me a PM or tell (Amphibian, sage), it will be on a first in, first served basis. Participant Time Until there is one survivor left.
Expected Participation Limit of 154. Judging Time Winner will be declared instantly.
Platform Sage Ocean aboard the Final Survivorfish


Event Description

Survivors will board the Final Survivorfish to see who will outlast all others by simply seeing who can stand still without moving, drinking, swordfighting and talking for the longest period of time. Any survivor that moves or speaks will be told "(your name) The tribe has spoken" then planked, removing them from the game. Just like in the show you will be offered bribes to move or speak, which will also remove you from the ship and the game at a cost. All survivors will remain on deck for easy judging by our secret pannel. There will be a short time for questions before we start. In the result of a sever reboot players still standing will be given 15 minutes to log back in after the reboot.


4 secret judges will be watching over everyone aboard to watch out for movements and anything suspicious going on.


1st place, will recieve 1 million poe. 2nd place will recieve ancient calander (furniture).

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

If anyone would like to help just send Amphibain (sage) a tell, or give me a PM.

OM Assistance

Help with the prizes, A broadcast and to borrow a grand frigate named Final survivorfish.

Workshop Coaching

An alternative plan that does not require too many judges would be nice. Ideas for better related (ie. fitting with the theme) prizes.


Previous Similar Events

None to my knowledge.


I've helped conceive and plan crew-only events including: PvP tournaments, Large swordfight and drinking tournaments.