Eternal Existence

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Eternal Existence at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Last Monarch Twittly of It's Time
Member crew(s) Anima Immortali, Emperor of the Sea, Eternal Foragers, Fascination, Fierce Amalgamation, It's Time
Founded 25 March, 2013
Dormant as of 27 May, 2013
Favicon.png Flag Info
Flags-Eternal Existence.jpg

Eternal Existence is currently a dormant flag on the Emerald Ocean.

Public statement

Don't think about it, just go with it. We can handle Eternity.

Extended public statement

As a flag, we have goals. We expect our goals to be met. Our flag looks towards the future. We keep the past where it belongs and our goals forward.

Joining us gains you two things:

  • 1. Assurance - If you have our backs, you can bet we have yours.
  • 2. Acceptance - We value opinions. Voice an opinion, and we will see what we can do to make a dream a reality.

Join now!

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