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Elaria is captain of the crew Crossfire Hurricane and princess of the flag Candy Coated Chaos on the Sage Ocean.



Elaria first set sail in October of 2005. Her initial crew was Booty Kickers where she quickly rose to the rank of senior officer. As their flag Wings of Fire fell apart, she left Booty Kickers with several other senior officers and formed the crew New Wave. After a brief spell in the flag Heaven's Demons, Elaria co-founded the flag Outcasts in March 2006 where she served at various times as a titled member, royalty and monarch.

When the shortcomings of Outcasts perennial monarch became apparent, Elaria left New Wave and Outcasts along with many of the New Wave officers and joined Halcyon in May 2006, under the captaincy of former New Wave and Booty Kickers senior officer, Brombie. Halcyon quickly found a home in the flag Les Aristocrates, where Elaria enjoyed participating in blockade strategizing and flag politics.

Following the retirement of Brombie in August 2006, Elaria took over as captain of Halcyon. In January 2007, after a busy 6 monthhs of blockading heavily, she stepped down from the captaincy. As Les Aristocrates drifted apart in February 2007, she set out in a new direction and joined the crew Watery Tarts. In May 2007 she moved on to the oldest crew on the Sage ocean, The Lost Lot, where she rose to the rank of fleet officer. When dissension grew between The Lost Lot & Candy Coated Chaos's monarch, Faldrok, Elaria left and took up the captain's role again with a new crew, Crossfire Hurricane.

Contributions and awards

  • Princess of the flag Candy Coated Chaos
  • Captain of the crew Crossfire Hurricane
  • Former captain of the crew Halcyon
  • Former lady of the flag Les Aristicrates
  • Former governor of Kiwara Island under the flag Les Aristocrates
  • Former queen of the flag Outcasts
  • Co-founder of the flag Outcasts
  • Former captain of the crew New Wave
  • Co-founder of the crew New Wave


Elaria has participated in the following blockades:


"Defeated by Elaria" multiple times
Item box unequip.png
"Team Shoal Calibur, Seventh Place, Fight Club 2006"
Item box unequip.png
Trophies Fight Club 2006.png
"Team Azure Tridents, Second Place, Foot Brawl 2006"
Item box unequip.png
Trinket colors Foot Brawl 2006.png
"Team Dyado Koleda, Third Place, Santa Rampage 2006"
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Trophies Santa Rampage 2006.png


Elaria's personal fleet includes the following renamed ships:

Sloop dock.png
  • Lucky Starfish
Sloop dock.png
  • Daring Damsel
Dhow dock.png
  • Rock The Casbah
War brig dock.png
War Brig
  • Red Dragon
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