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Duranduran is a senior officer of the crew Cool Story Bro and a member of the flag Lost and Found on the Sage Ocean.


Duranduran began playing Puzzle Pirates a very long time ago on the Midnight Ocean when it was still the only ocean. He grew tired of it, however, as he could not buy anything except a foil, striped shirt, sleeping hat, and stripy knickers. He never saw the news announcing the opening of the doubloon oceans. He found out about them when a friend of his started playing on the Sage Ocean. Until he joined his friend there he thought he had been playing the wrong game. Once he made the switch, however, he was very happy, as he could buy good clothes, a sloop and a war brig, and be a senior officer in many crews.

Shortly after this, he left the game, before returning as a greenie pirate, with experience.

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