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The Dreaded Drunken Pirate Lord


Dreadedjohn is an independent pirate on the Hunter Ocean. He was a senior officer and drunk of the crew Libertalia and a lord of the flag Apacible Brisa.

Dreadedjohn is a notorious drunk and swordsman. Prefering spiced rum to any other drink, John remains inebriated throughout the day by consuming a steady flow of alcohal. Plauged by headaches, blurred vision, and slowed hand eye coordination when sober he's never found far from an inn or rum barrel at any time.

The Gypsy and the Eye

With the discovery of the Atlantean seas many pirates left home on war ships seeking fame and fortune in uncharted waters. The draw of untold riches and fame was too much for the infamous Dreaded John to resist and he soon found himself aboard a Grand Frigate seeking the epic road to riches in Atlantis. The ill-fated pillage left the safe port of Chachapoya and sped into the icy waters of the unknown.

Weeks into the pillage the sturdy war ship had amazingly sunk five Atlantean ships and plundered countless riches. John now carried a prestigious title aboard the Grand Frigate. The men called him Bellator's Bane for John had slain the mighty war-lord of Atlantis in an epic battle. It was now time to return home so that the men could squander their earnings on women and strong drink. Spirits were high and morale strong as the great ship and her mighty crew of fearless cut throats sailed into a heavy fog. The Grand Frigate cut through the icy waters for a day and a half without incident. Suddenly, on the morning of the third day she was rammed into by a mighty Gorgonyx. Pirates were thrown over board into the frigid waves and cast about the ship like marbles. A fierce war-cry split the air as Atlantean Dragoons boarded the fractured pirate ship. Dreaded John made a valiant stand slaying five enemies with his mighty cleaver. The ship's timbers groaned and she split in half. The sea swallowed the vessel with a sadistic hunger. The main mast splintered and fell. The riggings caught the mast and swung it outwards catching John in the head. His skull cracked and he fell to the deck in a pool of blood. He scrambled to his feet, the world around him spinning violently. Something wasn't right, his eye! His right eye had been torn from his head! John groped for his eye and caught it with a death-grip. The mighty Grand Frigate lurched to starboard and then dissapeared below the icy waters. The last thing he remembered before slipping into unconsciousness was grabbing hold of a chunk of drift wood. He faded into darkness...

Dreadedjohn woke, small waves crashing into his body. He lay on the beach, half-submerged in sand as tiny crabs scuttled away from him. His right arm held fast to a sizable chunk of driftwood, his left hand holding an eye.

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