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Dragonsangel sails the Cobalt Ocean where she is the captain and flirt of Embodiment of Nyx and the queen of the flag Fallen Stars.


Contributions and Awards

  • Dragonsangel’s Stalls Tailoring Stall on Terra
  • Manages Hagriad's Ironworking Stall on Terra
  • Manages Friggin' Frogger (SW) on Terra
  • Manages Rainforest Rafts (SW) on TLM


Dragonsangel is known by many names: Angel, Dragon and most commonly known as Da. She started out her pirate life August 10, 2005, on Midnight Ocean, she was originally known as AngelStarr. While deciding to explore the many vast oceans within our pirate world, she soon discovered Cobalt, and soon fell in love. After moving to Cobalt and recreating herself, she soon found a crew, which instantly welcomed her, Eclipse. She briefly left crew to try out her own crew but soon joined the flag and discovered that she missed her family and merged her crew back with her family.

Lately Dragonsangel can often be found socializing on Dragons Nest, at her tailoring stall, or helping hearties. She often babysits hearties' familiars while they are away or unable to take care of the familiars themselves. She often busies herself with tasks to benefit her crew or hearties. She enjoys helping those that are in need whenever she can. If there is anything you wish to know about anything, all you have to do is ask.

Da has many pirate goals. She hopes to manage and/or own one of every kind of stall within our pirate life. She hopes to get a tailoring shoppe, near Terra where her stall has originated. She also hopes to own a parrot of her own hopefully won through a contest.


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