Dragon's Wrath (Viridian)

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Dragon's Wrath at a Glance
Viridian Ocean
Last Captain Foilbreaker
Senior Officer(s) Devilicious, Imagnation, Kitala, Macdeath, Pitie, Redwingrah, Ryanclem, Schnuskes, Vonn, Zuzaluv
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Bladebreakers
Founded 12 November, 2005
Disbanded as of 12 May, 2007

Dragon's Wrath is a crew sailing the Viridian Ocean that was founded by Foilbreaker on 12 November, 2005 that currently flies the flag Bladebreakers dedicated to fun and mutual respect above ferocious success-chasing and competitiveness and is a largely adult crew.

History of Dragon's Wrath

Dragon's Wrath was founded by Foilbreaker from members of the Celt crew Tuatha De Danaan on 12 November, 2005 after Freeplumber could no longer commit the time to run a crew.

Shortly after founding it allied itself with the flag Free Harmonica Lessons.

Sometime after July of 2006 the crew split from Free Harmonica Lessons to join the flag Bladebreakers.

Public Statement

For more information see our fun and lively new website linked below. All members of the crew get their picture on the site! see ambassador Freeplumber. We have some very experienced senior officers in the crew. Feel free to ask them or the captain any questions you may have.

Crew Articles

Any pirate or cabin person being rude or abusive to officers will be expelled without exeption!!!.

Promotion Requirements

  • Cabin Person - Just ask an officer if you can join us.
  • Pirate - Have at least 2 of your ratings at 'broad' and have some gunning experience (just higher that 'able' is fine). and a pirate badge!!. In addition, on pillages, do not take guns unless you have first asked permission of the officer in charge of the ship.
  • Officer - You need to have all your stats under piracy at 'broad', including at least one 'solid' and an officer badge!!
    • You must be reasonably skilled to be an officer, therefore you will be required to have the skill ranking of 'respected' in the carp, bilge, sail and gunning puzzles.
    • During your time as an officer you will be required to buy yourself a ship(any size) and get some sailing experience.
  • Fleet Officer - You need all of the above plus to have had sailed your ship on at least 3 pillages and have shown you have the knowledge to control a ship at sea.
  • Senior Officer - Must have all the above. senior officers are the people who are regarded as the captains close freinds. you will be asked to get a Senior Officer badge if the captain thinks you are good enough!.

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