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Deeogee is a pirate on the Cobalt Ocean.


Deeogee began playing Puzzle Pirates on August 20, 2005. He quit early, but returned on October 3, 2005, quickly deciding to subscribe. On November 2, 2005 Deeogee founded The Canaricans.

The crew grew rapidly, reaching two hundred crewmates. When the crew reached this milestone number of members, Deeogee took out a ship, having promised to his mates that if it happened they would have a two-hundred-battle pillage. The pillage went smoothly, reaching a total of 235 battles in total; they won 194 and lost 41. During this pillage his crew grew to the fame level of eminent and made it onto the top crew list as number 12, where it stayed for an unknown period of time. After a four prosperous months with The Canaricans, Deeogee merged them into the crew Weathered, which was a crew run by Karrgo, a hearty of his. Later conflict between the two resulted in Deeogee being expelled from that crew.

Deeogee then proceeded to create a new crew called The Royal Raiders. Deeogee later merged this crew with the crew of his hearty Cadfael, The Hidden Vaulkers, which was renamed to The Hidden Raiders after the merge.

When Deeogee returned, he was subscribed by Ashaw, Deeogee joined Ashaw's Total Chaos as fleet officer and soon became senior officer, then, Captain. Ashaw's Crew Renamed to Ultimate Chaos on April 19th, 2007.

Deeogee plays on Midnight ocean under a different account, he remains secret and unknown to the public.

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