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Darman has no portrait
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Darman is currently independent.


Darman was a senior officer in the crew Foxes of Fury and former senior officer and lieutenant in the crew White Dogs of Sage. He was found washed up on the shores of Lincoln Island and soon made the journey to Admiral Island to be more closely involved with the running of the White Dogs. During this time he made several voyages out to the far reaches of the Sage Ocean, reaching all but one of the archipelagos.

He is a fair and well respected leader of his fellow crew members, loving nothing more than to be battle navigating, Swordfighting and occasionally Rumbling, across the Sage Ocean.

His last area of shipboard expertise is Carpentry, a job that no one else in the crew seems to like doing for some odd reason.

He was a kindhearted and generally friendly pirate who is usually the first to put his hand up for something, even if his good friend Roguechimera thinks otherwise. Before their time was over, he and Roguechimera crossed blades, gauntlets and... fish with some of the most feared brigands, barbarians, pirates, atlanteans and skeletons the Sage Ocean had to offer. Their final battle together was aboard the war frigate Redeemer, when they engaged the fabled black ship. Roguechimera was reportedly spotted standing on the prow of the Redeemer, sword drawn, ready for the onslaught. It was said that he and Darman fought to the last; igniting the ship's powder keg in a final, valiant attempt to destroy the black ship. Neither ship has been seen since.

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