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Darkmagcian was created after Darkmagian was deleted because he felt that he couldn't live without Puzzle Pirates as it became a part of his life and he had too many friends just to leave.

He went into crew searching but then he came across a crew called The Krashing. His other pirate Darkmagian had been in the same crew until his pirate was deleted. Unfortunately, Darkmagcian was kicked out because of his brother mouthing off to the captain. Then he joined a crew called Mega Halo with his good friend Kigaara.

Darkmagcian was trying to get to be an officer in the crew but was a pirate in Mega Halo.

After a couple of weeks Kigaraa left and joined Ducha De Oro where Darkmagcian and Kigaraa met. Then Ducha De Oro's captain had an argument with the monarch of the flag Nanuq and soon after Ducha De Oro left. Soon after Darkmagcian heard about this he decided to join back with his home crew called Borealic Storm but was not an officer in the crew.

Darkmagcian and Powerz made a crew called The Esperanza and the crew managed to get in the flag Nanuq. But after a while The Esperanza left Nanuq, then the crew joined the flag known as Silent Rampage. But sadly a month or so.. Powerz ( the captain of The Esperanza ) left captain to Darkmagcian and then powerz left.

Then since under the new captain The Esperanza when to First In Last Out then left to join the flag known as Deathly Hallows.

After a while Darkmagcian left and joined back with Borealic Storm who was still the same accept Vampireking and joined back with Ducha De Oro and Darkmagcian had lost contact with Vampireking. This caused mixed feelings becuase Darkmagcian didt know becuase Vampireking left becuase Darkmagcian was joining bak and if Vampireking was angry with him. After a while Darkmagcain found out it was becuase Vampireking wa going to make his own crew later in the game.

About a month later Darkmagcian makes a new friend called Kealalee and after a while Darkmagcian joins her crew Long John Silver and Darkmagcian has a great time till he finds out one of his oldest frineds needs help with his crew so Darkmagcian helps his friends crew out for about 3 weeks and when his friends crew is up and going agian he re-joins Long John Silver were he is now having a great time.

But soon after Kealalee steppted down from being captain and gave Cosmosi and then from then on Cosmosi has been a great captain and everyone likes him in the crew.

He joins 'The Seas of Anarchy', being invited by Zaltos and becomes great mates with him!

Greatest weakness

Darkmagcian is a bit stubbon at times so it can be a bit hard to get things though his mind

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