Dark Moon

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For the crew Dark Moon on the Viridian Ocean, see Dark Moon (Viridian).
Dark Moon at a Glance
Cobalt Ocean
Last Captain Kimyko
Senior Officer(s) Celticangel, Cmrsolid, Dazzling, Gloverforme, Guisepi, Hibi, Hibii, Kokomo, Ladygrey, Maxeh, Maxxi, Redcyd, Toonlink, Wolfx, Zeig
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation The Roar Of The Waves
Founded 17 March, 2006
Merged with The Bane of Cobalt as of 8 February, 2009

Dark Moon was a crew on the Cobalt Ocean which has merged with The Bane of Cobalt.

Public Statement

When the lights go out, the waves arise and the Dark moon appears.

Crew Articles

The Dark Moon appears at night, pitch black, blending in, It strikes fear in all those that see it. Those that don't only dream of the mysteries behind it, a vast crew hidden behind the shadow of the moon.

~ Some say Moons, are bright and are wonderful, and full of light, but not all moons are light, everything has a dark side whether its a shadow or shaded.

~ We represent the lives cursed by that Dark Moon and its stories and secrets, are hidden within us. The rage of those that have had a glimpse of the Dark Moon emerges from us and will be unleashed upon our enemies, fight us at night, and that is it for you, just a warning. Don't mess with the Crew of the Dark Moon.

Promotion Requirements

  • Officer: Have two broads in either of these three stats: Sails, Carp, or Bilge. Narrows in Swordfighting, Rumble, Gunnery, and Navigation. At least one respected in either Sails, Carp, or Bilge. Distinguished in at least one of them too. Distinguished in Gunnery.
  • Fleet officer: Must have a ship. Solids in Sails, Carp, Bilge, and Navigation. Broads in Battle Navigation and Gunnery. Narrows in everything else next to Treasure Haul. Respected in most of skills. We know that you might not be good at one of the puzzles, so we can expect an able here or there. But, a Respected must be in Battle Navigation. Also have shown loyalty to the crew, and are trusted.
  • Senior officer: Masters in at least 2 of your piracy skills. Renowned in 2. Little or no narrows, most of stats are solids+. To get this rank, you would have to have trust of the captain n senior officers.


  • Crew colors: Maroon/Grey

If you need to speak to the captain, Kimyko, and she is not on, please send a tell to Maxxi or Celticangel. They will be glad to help you.


  • Was called The Rush Of The Water but on 3 June 2007, it was changed to Crimson Roses
  • Was changed from Crimson Roses to Melodies of Life in October 2007.
  • Was changed from Melodies of Life to Dark Moon (Unknown Date, sometime in April)

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