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Damo Junior
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Damo is a pirate who is mainly on the Crimson Ocean and Viridian Ocean.


Awards and Accomplishments

  • Was the second gunner to get broad on the Crimson Ocean.
  • Received the first Order of the Jolly Roger on 5/6/2009.
  • Made the PPHQ website www.pphq.webs.com

About Damo

Damo was an independent pirate for quite a while, untill his best friend made the crew The Forgiven. When the fame was high enough the flag Saints Of Glory and Damo was made royalty, although the flag was not a major flag that blockaded islands but it gave him experience. Damo was promoted to senior officer immediatley. Within this crew he learnt all the important skills of piracy including Battle Navigation and how to run pillage. He opened up a stall on lima island untill it went bankrupt. After losing so much money he raised enough to purchase a sloop. When Crimson Ocean came out he sold the sloop for 21 doubloons which he sold on Crimson Ocean seeking to open another iron monger But this time a sucsessful one.

Damo's Goals

  • To have a successful iron monger on the Crimson Ocean.
  • Get above distinguished Battle Navigation.


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