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Creasy is currently a senior officer of the crew DOH, and member of the flag Skellie Slayers. He is proud of being part of the Hunter Ocean, where he hunts the black ship El Pollo Diablo aboard his grand frigate Saucy Wench.


The Scourge of Hunter

Creasy's Piratical career

Creasy started his career on the Hunter Ocean in April of 2007. His first crew was ~Kronos~ under the cammand of Captain Burke. ~Kronos~ merged with Overjobbers and Creasy respectfully left the crew to look for a more friendly lot.

He met Omegakingz through an acquaintance and soon became senior officer in the crew Strategic Insomniacs due to the crew's need for ships and Creasy holding deeds to four ships, a sloop, cutter, war brig and grand frigate. It soon became apparent that the crew had weak leadership and in-experienced officers.

Around this time Creasy happened to meet Skellieslayr through a business proposition. Skellieslayr was captain of the crew DOH and monarch of the flag Skellie Slayers. Creasy found employment in this crew and remains there to this day enjoying the laid back mood of the crew and friendship of its members.

El Pollo Diablo

Creasy was once midshipman of a merchant ship. One night the ship was caught in a fearsome squall and cast her upon the shores of a wild island. Tribesman from the island found Creasy and the surviving crew and brought them back to their village deep within the islands dense jungle. Creasy was the only one to survive of his whole crew. The natives were cannibals and devoured the hapless sailors with ravenous hunger. Creasy alone was able to procure deliverance by dancing and singing for the island's cannibals. So entranced were these natives that they made Creasy a god-chief of their tribe. Creasy led them into battle against the various other cannibal tribes on the island until only one tribe remained.

A black ship, scorched with fire lay dried up and withering in the jungle. Creasy coerced his tribe into hauling her out to the shore where be began a complete overhaul of the ship. Creasy taught the cannibals seamanship and launched out to sea to pillage and plunder his weaselly black guts out. Creasy gathered the vilest most evil cutthroats in all the ocean and commenced robbing and burning every hapless ship they came across. Witch doctors would make chicken sacrifices and hang the dead chickens over the edge of the black ship. This lead to the ship being called El Pollo Diablo by sailors all over the ocean. In every archipelago this name was synonymous with death and disease. Cannibalism soon became common practice aboard the ship along with witchcraft and all sorts of vile customs.

Creasy grew afraid of the crew and would often lock himself in rooms to seperate himself from the vile crew. Disease sprouted and festered within some of the crew spreading to others until all the crew cept Creasy was consumed by it. Flesh peeling from the bone, eradic bleeding and cannibalistic hunger overtook the crew. For weeks the black ship drifted on the open ocean, her crew slowly dying. Creasy had quarantined himself from the crew and they soon came after him, blaming him for their disease. Creasy jumped overboard to escape the damned crew of El Pollo Diablo. Soon disease killed all that crew but they did not die. Cursed men they were, plagued now to forever haunt the ocean as a ghost ship, seeking out those for whom they may devour. The black ship still hunts for Creasy, to claim the life of that captain who damned them all to an eternity of imprisonment aboard the ghost ship. Pirates beware; if they seek blood, blood may find them instead.



"His features were dry cut as is the manner of a man hardened by the sea. Tattoos littered his body, the most notable being first a spade, heart, club, and diamond of blue ink on his knuckles. The other tattoo was the name of a woman engraved above his stomach just below the pecs. He commanded an air of respect wherever he went. A veritable god among men." - Memoirs of an old salt

"Creasy was... odd at best. Thick dreadlocks entangled his head, in fact there's tales as to why. It's said that a Quetzal navy ship overtook Creasy and his band of cutthroats on the high-seas years past. Vastly out-numbered and out-gunned, the pirate's vessel was boarded by the royal marines. Tis said that Creasy fought hard but the marines pushed him back to the bow of the ship and with a last defiant roar Creasy wrapped hisself in the chains of the anchor and plunged into the sea. His intentions were to kill himself they say, rather than be hung fer piracy on the gallows. He was saved though as the powder below deck caught flame and exploded. He washed ashore, he and that anchor. Hasn't washed his hair since then and that's 'ow he got his dreadlocks they say. Also if ye look closely, he has a tattoo of an anchor on his arm!" - Jonah

"I served with Creasy on many a pillage. I always liked him but for one thing. Ye see, Creasy had two skulls that he kept dear to himself. Each had an engraving on 'is forehead. One read A.B.H standing for 'A Barbarian's Head' and the other A.M.H for 'A Monarch's Head'. As to who these skulls once belonged to, I doubt we shall ever know. One thing be for certain though mate, theys belong to Creasy now." - Wandering Swordsman

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