Cadre Infernal

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Cadre Infernal at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Captain Trinkettrade
Senior Officer(s) Bellauren, Killerjuse
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation None
Founded 15 June, 2009
Last updated on 24 August, 2012
Favicon.png Crew Info

Cadre Infernal is a crew on the Emerald Ocean, which was originally founded on the Sage Ocean. Darckraken created this crew on 15 June 2009.

Public Statement

There's a scourge unleashed upon the world..... I've created this resistance to bring salvation to the souls of humanity.....


We rank pirates according to their stats and our trust.

  • Pirate: Everyone starts as a Pirate. We will NEVER give Cabin Person ranks to anyone in this crew!
  • Officer: Simple Requirement: 1 or 2 Solids and a couple of Distinguished in Duty Puzzles. You are given the power to lead Pillages so use that well. Or if ye have a ship, ye might be automatically Officer.
  • Fleet officer: Condition upon promotion to this Rank: MUST own a ship and have my trust OR has been in the crew for a while and have couple or Solids-Weighty and Master+ stats. You are required to assist your fellow officers and give Officer training. DO NOT STEAL.
  • Senior officer: Been in the crew for some time. Experienced with the game and take part in helping your fellow crewmates in Pillages. Must have FULL TRUST by First Mate and Captain.


In Cadre Infernal, Titles represent your status in the crew. OFFICERS DO NOT GIVE TITLES ANYHOW.

Basic Titles

Based on your stats, Officers may have the ability to give tiles like Carpenter, Blacksmith, Gunner, Bilge Rat, etc.

Superior Titles

This are given to the most TRUSTED crew members. Officers+ only:

  • First Mate: The Second in Charge of the crew (While the Captain's away).
  • Quartermaster: The Third in Charge of the crew. NOTE that in this crew, there could be only 1 captain, A First Mate and 3 Quartermasters.
  • Strategist: Good B-Naving Skills.
  • Cartographer: Have memorized most of the sea League Points.
  • Treasurer: Able to be trusted with crew stock and PoE. In charge of Crew Funds.
  • Ambassador: Make good alliances with other Crew or Flag by introducing them to join alliance with us.


  1. Do not STEAL or ye'll be banned from the game. If you steal, you are straight away reported to the Oceanmasters. (7 members have been banned for stealing)
  2. Do not beg for PoE or spam crew chat.
  3. Do NOT leave a vessel in the middle of the sea (abandoning ship). Officers must have pride of accomplishing what they had started out to do.
  4. The Captain leads CIs and Elite Pillys when he is online. If you wish to board any of these ships, PLEASE ASK PTB. Failing to do so by just boarding, will result in demotion.
  5. The reason the captain does not want you to come on the pillage could be your stats aren't high enough. So, PUMP IT UP!
  6. Lastly if you have any things you want to ask, u can post an issue or use the O-chat(/o)

Crew Shoppes/Stalls

  • Bonifacio's IM Stall on Admiral Island
  • Anchorman Shipyard on Admiral
  • Fiveestars' Tailoring Stall on Admiral
  • Dstnwright's IM stall on Admiral
  • Deathlix Tailoring Stall on Admiral
  • Ahoymatez's Tailoring stall on Admiral