Buccaneers Knot

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Buccaneers Knot at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Captain Seramana
Senior Officer(s) Yohojoy, Zoyn
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Nothing's As It Seems
Founded 20 February, 2007
Last updated on 2 January, 2011
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History of Buccaneers Knot

Buccaneers Knot is a crew that sails the Emerald Ocean, that was founded on 20 February, 2007 on the Sage Ocean by Seramana and Zoyn. In a very short time, with Barryscott, Daviro and Yohojoy, the strong core crew was formed. The crew started to grow and only in 2 months, took its place as 15th in the ocean.

It looks like soon enough, Buccaneers Knot will carve its name with golden letters in Sage History.

Public Statement

State this.. State that.. It all comes to an end when touched by a Bucc's hand..

Crew Articles

Welcome to Buccaneers Knot...

We are some pirates who like this game as it is a pirate game. We enjoy to be at sea most of the time. Not on poker tables or tarting around. If you feel like us, join us and become a Buccaneer..

For new starters; under our wings, you will learn the game by all means. In no time you will become one great Buccaneer, each one of you.

And for the experienced salts of Sage; I’m sure we’ve already met out there somewhere and you probably know what you’ll find here :).


Now here are some tips to make your life easy as a Buccaneer;

  1. Ask PTB (Permission to Board) before hopping on any vessel. If the pillage is being advertised by the OIC (Officer in Charge) on crew chat, you can board without the permission. Otherwise, use PTB!!
  2. Do NOT ever leave the vessel while in battle unless an emergency comes up in real life. Leaving during battle is the worst thing that you can do to your crewmates.
  3. This is a game with its own rules. So swearing, rudeness, cheating and those kind of stuff is strictly forbidden here. We need to respect each other, by all means!
  4. Always follow your superior’s orders. Do not ask for gunning or port during a pillage. And don’t jump on guns without being ordered. You’ll be asked if needed.
  5. As this is a game, we will have lots of fun together. So if you still wanna join, you are most welcome here : ).

Promotion Requirements

Promotions and these titles are based on only piracy skills.

Cabin person: You'll be a cabin person as soon as you join us

Pirate: 3 broad experiences and 2 respected at bilge/sail/carp and respected Guns.

Officer: You will be taking to an officer test by any Senior or Fleet Officer which you need to pass to become an officer.

Officer test: Crewmember at least for a week. Have a good knowledge of ships. All 8 skills must have at least broad experience and distinguished skill. 2 masters at bilge/sail/carp/gun. Master battle navigate.
  • Steward: If you are not into battle navigating but have at least 2 Legendaries or 1 Ultimate at bilge/sail/gun/carp and fulfilled the officer requirements except battle navigate. You will be promoted to officer with Steward title without taken to any test. But you won't be able to pillage.
  • Boatswain: Officers with renowned battle navigate.
  • Quartermaster: Officers with grandmaster battle navigate.

Fleet officer: Must be an active player and have respect of officer group and trust of senior group. Grandmaster battle navigate. Must have deeds of at least 1 Sloop and 2 Warships. This position needs a lot of loyalty and approval of Captain and all the Senior Officers.

Senior officer: Must have spent at least 4 months as a Fleet Officer. Requires good knowledge of the game, leadership, maturity and respect of all the officer group. Needs all the support of Senior group.

  • First Mate: Right hand of the Captain. 2nd man in the crew.

Captain and SO's are also officer trainers. Please do not hesitate to ask help from them.

There is no stupid question. Please feel free to ask anything :).

External Links

Join the club please: http://com1.runboard.com/buccaneersknot