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Brief Information

Bobbstar is a pirate on the Viridian Ocean. He is currently a senior officer in SCURVY.

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Bobbstar started out on the Viridian Ocean on the 8th of April, 2006. As soon as Bobbstar started playing he joined Navy boats and learned the ways of a pirate.

For his first real pillage, he joined Lovemore(who is now known as Lovecarebear)on a sloop pillage.

Bobbstar joined Lovemore's crew, Scurvy, and aimed to gain the rank of Senior Officer. It took him about 6 months to get that rank and he still holds the rank of Senior Officer to this date (8/7/2008)

Bobbstar likes to play Treasure Drop, and has retained the rank of Ultimate for a Loooong period of time.

Bobbstar loves poker. He plays it at every single opportunity he can, sometimes losing millions and other times gaining millions. He was once ranked #1 on the Ultimate List, before the trophies came out. He is currently Sublime.

Bobbstar likes to play Hearts whenever he can, and he is attempting to get Ultimate.

He resides in his Shack on Lima Island, and you can pop by any time you want.

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Foot Brawl 2006
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Arrrmageddon 2006
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