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Aurorafaith, or Rora the FrOOtz (as her friends call her), who according to Y!PP records began playing YPP in June of 2004. In 2004, she joined the crew White Rose of the flag The Jolly Company. A year later, she created her own crew Irenic Halcyons in her own flag, Alcyone's Serenity. Upon taking a three-month leave of absence, she returned to a flag that had fallen apart.

Disbanding the flag and joining the Sexi Star Flag, Aurorafaith soon after became princess. Leaving the flag a few months later, for personal reasons, she then became a part of the flag Elysian Fields. After three months of being with the flag, she merged crews with Dark Water.

Leaving Elysian Fields to go her separate way, she was then picked up by a hearty from The Phoenix Warriors. Aurorafaith's term as Royal of Elysian Fields was about a year.

She is currently a Senior Officer of The Phoenix Warriors of Tyr's Own.


  • Created the flag Alcyone's Serenity.
  • Held a crew of 40+ pirates: Irenic Halcyons.
  • Owns 5 Happy Gurnard sloops in Midnight.
  • Princess of Elysian Fields.
  • Minister of the Navy for the Frond I blockade.
  • Battle Navved in Blockade: Orca VII.
  • XO for Mousebeard, Springheel: Ostreum VIII.
  • Won What Was I thinking... tournament on October 31st, 2006.
  • Won Expires: never! Tournament on 01/02/2007
  • Governed Ostreum Island.
  • Second Place in The Modern Pirate Practices Good Hygiene on 01/25/07
  • Battle navved in Jorvik XIII.
  • Battle navved in Jorvik XIV.
  • XO for Brentinator in Jorvik XV.
  • Governed Jorvik Island.
  • Won the Fine Prize in the Crafting Creations competition on August 10, 2008.
  • Battle navved in Cranberry X.

Shoppe History

While in White Rose, Aurorafaith managed Bigcheese's shipwright stall (now closed). She also owned a tailoring stall on Emperor Island for a total of three months. A year later, she co-owned a tailoring stall with Shipwrecksal. She owned a Tailoring stall on Turtle for a total of 10 months. She owned a weaving stall and an ironworking stall on Turtle Island for over a year.

Aurorafaith currently owns no stalls/shoppes with no hopes to at this time.

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