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Atlantis (Idea Links)

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All pirates defend except those removed by master-at-arms

Announce which players ignored/dismissed dragoon challenge

Available some days of the week only

To non-subscribers / badge-less as well

Board used for fishing

Change sunk opponent to not block shot and be able to be moved over


Names more distinguished from Cursed Isles ones


Cheap manufactured item oversupply adversely affecting shoppes


Better division share for master-at-arms

Fairer awarded items

Rigging and Sailing use the same award pool

Should go to pirate who hauled them up

Don't drop loot near walls

Don't reset puzzle boards upon entry

Easier for smaller ships

Frost-themed Sea Monster Hunt

Generates too many trinkets


Or whisking pirates aboard when on sea battle board

Pay offer like blockades

Krakens in

Navigator gets to choose which safe zone they enter from

One offer at a time on jobbing noticeboard

Only permit ship owner or Master-At-Arms to start boarding fray

Reduce numbers of dragoons boarding ships

Rumble version

Ship-wide order for more defenders

Skilled swabbies for

Sticky thread in bazaar (sub)forums for item transactions

Treasure Haul recovers rum and cannonballs from sunk ships

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