Atlantean Uprising

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Atlantean Uprising at a Glance
Hunter Ocean
Last Captain Gunfury
Senior Officer(s) Bajoca, Capreynolds, Trovato
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Systematic Destruction
Founded 29 July, 2009
Dormant as of 29 March, 2011
Favicon.png Crew Info
Crews-Atlantean Uprising.jpg

Atlantean Uprising of the Hunter Ocean was founded by captain Nolam on July 29, 2009. They are currently flying the flag Systematic Destruction.

Public Statement

Ask any member to join! We have a VERY large fleet, and would love for you to join our crew! Ask Gunfury if you would like for your crew to join the flag Systematic Destruction as well!!!

Extended Public Statement

Gunfury: Captain, Recruiter, Ambassador, Prince (of S&S), and vice president in charge of certain special things.

Ask anyone if you would like to join! We have a very large fleet!!! :)

The crew colors are:


and Any shade of blue!

We rank on LOYALTY and EXPERIENCE, not so much statistics, but having good stats does help.

Cabin Person: Punishment rank. You don't want to be here! If a Senior Officer or I finds you doing anything we find inappropriate, you are either expelled or sent to this rank! This rank gets -1 share during pillaging.

Pirate: Automatic rank, just ask an officer to promote you to this rank when you join!

Officer:Either a ship, crew loyalty, or 2 solids and 3 broads!

Fleet Officer (FO): Much crew loyalty, and solids in:



-and two other piracy skills

Senior Officer: Must be a close friend of the crew! A ship is reccommended, and suggested to have solids in:


-Battle Navigation


-And three others

PLEASE NOTE: Solids and Broads may be replaced by distinguisheds, respecteds, masters and ex. if an officer grants it.


1. No excessive swearing (Hey, we all swear, but don't overdo it please)

2. No begging for money. If your in the crew, you should earn money by pillaging with us!

3. Officers: You MUST read the officer bulletin board of a ship before taking it out!!!

4. NO STEALING! If you do, we will report you to the OM and expel you from the crew!

5. RESPECT the higher ranks decision! They earned that rank because they know how to make decisions like that!

6. This is the most serious of all: Use common sense

7. And finally, the most important rule: HAVE FUN!

Please note: If someone is a high rank but doesn't fit the statistics, it is known, and they do deserve it.

In the event of the captain taking a vacation, a first mate will be in charge for the leave of absence.

In the event of a sinking blockade, only the captain decides whether to take out a ship.

In the event of a water landin-oops, wrong game...



Large Fruits: No more than 38 Poe

Small Fruits: No more than 9 poe

Gems: No more than 150

Gold: No more than 3750