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Navy Rank

Artmazda is currently a officer of the crew Celestia and member of the flag Naughty Nerds on the Malachite Ocean.

Contributions and Accomplishments

  • Co-founder of the crew Sea Kings
  • Former senior officer of Dead Pirates


Artmazda washed upon the shores of Great Ocean on December 20, 2008. Started on Sage but two days later moved to the newer waters of Malachite. As a greenie he joined the first crews who recruited him, Immortal Pirates and Swords and Cannons. On December 28, Artmazda was invited to join as an officer in the crew Dead Pirates, at the time one of the most eminent crews, three days later he was a senior officer in the crew.

As a more experienced player but still novice, Artmazda learned all the game basics when performing his duty of senior officer in Dead Pirates. He remained in this crew until February 9, 2009, when he left to co-found the crew Sea Kings.

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