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Pirate Pantheon is a muse game started by Nemo in the Mariner's Muse section of the Y!PP forums[1].


  1. Read previous entries.
  2. Choose an unused god or create a new one.
  3. Create an article titled Art: and followed by the name of your god. For example, Art:Breaker.
  4. Describe it informatively and refer it to at least one previously-posted god, with a link to that god's entry.
  5. Refer to a new god that you make up, but don't describe.
  6. Be sure to include {{pantheon|godname}} at the top of your entry, replacing godname with the name of your god.
  7. Post it.
  8. Repeat.

"Have fun, and be creative, especially in connecting your gods with intricate olympian relationships, and in their bearings on the Y!PP world."

See Category:Pirate Pantheon for a list of all existing entries.