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Arfiedude is a fleet officer of the crew Crew of the Black Pearl and a member of the flag No Apologies on the Sage Ocean.



Arfiedude started out as Arfieman, who was not a pirate for long, before he quit. He then came back a few years later, but had forgotten his password. Arfiedude was then created. Since then Arfiedude has done quite a few things. He was the SO and first mate of Men Who Stare At Goats. He has since moved to The Titans and then to The Illusions of the Night until he moved the where he currently is now, the Crew of the Black Pearl.


Arfiedude is a rising star in the Sage Ocean. He has two Cursed class sloops, the Mad Shad and Mad Sardine and a Rogue class sloop, the Unscrupulous Pollack. He is now the fleet officer of Crew of the Black Pearl, and the owner of Arfie, a small dog.


Arfiedude is hoping for a bright future. He wants to be the captain of a successful crew, and be the governor of an island, but who doesn't? He plans on expanding his ship fleet, buying a nice house and, of course, getting better stats.

Contributions and Accomplishments


Arfiedude is currently building up a fleet of LE sloops, especially rogue and cursed sloops.

Cursed class sloop dock.png

Cursed class sloops

  • Mad Shad
  • Mad Sardine
Rogue class sloop dock.png

Rogue class sloop

  • Unscrupulous Pollack