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Ardea' is a pirate on the Midnight Ocean. She is founder and captain of the crew West Diamond Trading Co and a princess of the flag Cold Fire.

Contributions and Awards / Contributions and Accomplishments

  • February 2008 - made royalty in Cold Fire.
  • January 28, 2008 - founded West Diamond Trading Co.


Ardea washed up on the shores of Namath Island in 2007, after pirates attacked her and her husband Tamino's ship on their honeymoon. Tamino was taken prisoner. Determined to rescue him, Ardea went on the account and became a pirate herself. She was soon taken in as a member of Big Bro', where she rose to the rank of fleet officer. She discovered her long-lost brother Johnathan in that time. Big Bro's collapse thrust the opportunity for leadership upon her, and she founded the West Diamond Trading Co in January of 2008. At last she and Tamino were reunited, and renewed their vows on February 23, 2008, on board her merchant brig the Half Whitebait.

She and Tamino live on Winter Solstice, with her cat Huck and his dog Gracie.

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