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Badboi is a pirate of the crew Loves Sweet Revenge, and a lord of the flag Omnipotent Entente.


  • Current lord of Omnipotent Entente
  • Former senior officer of Loves Sweet Revenge
  • Former captain of Les Dominateurs
  • Former captain of The Bright Side of Sage
  • Former king of The Dark Side


As a greenie, he was often found sitting at the docks challenging people to swordfights. He did not pillage often but was dockpressed by a crew who helped teach him how to raise his stats. After getting his stats up somewhat, he formed his own crew, The Bright Side of Sage. However, he soon would merge the crew with another and set his sights on finding another crew to call his own.

His search was long and hard, unfortunately producing no results. Upon this, he decided to again form The Bright Side of Sage. The crew flourished this time, so he decided to create a flag, The Dark Side. Unlike his crew, The Dark Side did not fare as well. He decided to merge his flag and crew again, this time merging into Loves Sweet Revenge of the flag Omnipotent Entente.

Badboi found that having his own crew was just as good as being in a crew where everyone was nice, friendly and were some of the best pirates on Sage. He realises now that he has been on Y!PP for a while and has grown as a pirate. Badboi is not that greenie that once was dockpressed and picked on. But now he is proud of who he was and not just Badboi alone. When pirates ask in an inn if anyone knows him, someone will say they do.

Although he really enjoyed being a member of Loves Sweet Revenge, Badboi had his sights set on forming yet another crew to call his own. Eventually, he left Loves Sweet Revenge to form Les Dominateurs. However, Les Dominateurs did not work out for him, and he returned to Loves Sweet Revenge a short time later. He has recently stepped down from the position of senior officer, feeling that his goals have been accomplished.

When Badboi asked to be a pirate again in Loves Sweet Revenge, he realized that he had reached his goal. He decided after a year and 2 months on Puzzle Pirates that it is not the rank but the spirit and determination to become what one really wants to become.

He has now formed an obsession of making avatars and enjoys it greatly. His avatars can be found in the Sage Parley forum thread "Making Avatars".

He now spends most of his time with his love, Avengingange 'Angel' and getting his alts stats up.