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I love Puzzle Pirates :)

Would you please...
When you see pirates/users named "Piri" or "Puwa", please don't ask them about me. They are not me.
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Piripuwa's contributions

For a full list, see Special:Contributions/Piripuwa.

I have been making little contributions. I had updated little things on articles, templates, user pages, and images. And I fixed order of some lists, typo of tags, and wiki markup wherever they need repairing. I also started some pirates and a crew page.

Piripuwa's current projects

I am currently doing below :

  • Creating/updating my friends' pirate/crew page.
  • Updating my own pirate page.

Piripuwa's todo

Below are my to-do list. I do when these come my way :

Piripuwa's workstation

This is just a link as a reminder for Piripuwa...
This is just a wiki "sandbox" page for Piripuwa's own use so Piripuwa will irregularly update this.

Sandbox for the discussions

The following sandboxes are linked from each talk page. So Piripuwa will no longer update/delete them:

Piripuwa's template Document Sample Refer. to
User:Piripuwa/Sandbox/Template:CI trinket display N/A N/A Template talk:CI trinket display
User:Piripuwa/Sandbox/Template:Navigation Trinkets N/A N/A Template talk:Navigation Trinkets
User:Piripuwa/Sandbox/Template:Trinket basic paragraph_(20100922) Document Sample Template talk:Trinket basic paragraph
User:Piripuwa/Sandbox/Template:Trinket basic paragraph_(20101024) Document Sample Template talk:Trinket basic paragraph

Sandbox for trinket templates

The following sandboxes are used in order to test templates in the Category:Trinket article templates.

Piripuwa's template Document Sample Refer. to
User:Piripuwa/Sandbox/Template:Trinket basic paragraph Document Sample Template:Trinket basic paragraph
User:Piripuwa/Sandbox/Template:Atlantis Trinket basic paragraph Document Sample Template:Atlantis Trinket basic paragraph
User:Piripuwa/Sandbox/Template:BM Trinket basic paragraph Document Sample Template:BM Trinket basic paragraph
User:Piripuwa/Sandbox/Template:CI Trinket basic paragraph Document Sample Template:CI Trinket basic paragraph
User:Piripuwa/Sandbox/Template:HS Trinket basic paragraph Document Sample Template:HS Trinket basic paragraph
User:Piripuwa/Sandbox/Template:IO Trinket basic paragraph Document Sample Template:IO Trinket basic paragraph
User:Piripuwa/Sandbox/Template:Player-created trinket page Document Sample Template:Player-created trinket page
User:Piripuwa/Sandbox/Template:Purchasable rewards page Document Sample Template:Purchasable rewards page
User:Piripuwa/Sandbox/Template:Valentine Trinket page Document Sample Template:Valentine Trinket page

Avatars Piripuwa use

By Puwa Avatar-Puwa-Puwa 01.png By Lowko
aka Lowko456
Avatar-Lowko456-Piriri 01.png
By Adrielle
aka Ezmerelda_M
Avatar-Ezmerelda M-Piriri.gif Avatar-Ezmerelda M-Piriri2.gif Avatar-Ezmerelda M-Piriri3.gif
Avatar-Ezmerelda M-Piriri4.png Avatar-Ezmerelda M-Piriri-5.png Avatar-Ezmerelda M-Piriri-6.png