The Rum Running Dragons

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The Rum Running Dragons at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Korinna
Senior Officer(s)
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Demons and Damsels
Founded 19 July, 2006
Last updated on 15 December, 2013
Favicon.png Crew Info

The Rum Running Dragons is a private crew on the Meridian Ocean under the flag Demons and Damsels.


The history of the Rum Running Dragons is a long and complicated one. The name also belonged to a flag on the Viridian Ocean, but is now only a crew.

As a flag, it supported two crews: Aurum est Potestas captained by Sinisterevil, and the Red Waters of Evil captained by Piracy. Sinisterevil was also monarch of the flag.

Sinisterevil stopped playing Puzzle Pirates for an unknown reason. Edgie assumed command of Aurum est Potestas, but did not want to be the monarch of the flag. Instead that title passed to a senior officer in Red Waters of Evil called Misswan, despite the protests of Red Waters' Captain, saying that she should be queen because she was a fellow Captain and therefore the next higher-ranking officer under the flag.

In protest, Piracy stepped down as captain of the Red Waters of Evil and handed command over to Misswan. This only served to create more chaos in the senior ranks of both crews. To help ease this chaos, Aurum est Potestas merged into the Red Waters crew, but that didn't help the chaos. The captain post would change hands several times before the flag merged with Rowboat Renegades, under the guidance of their queen Jnc.

The unrest subsided, but still existed. To help ease it further, the crews merged in with Tegasus Flyers, in which Jnc was a senior officer and Hellrat was captain.

Frogpirate, a member of the old crew, expressed dislike with the fact that they weren't a separate crew. As such, several of the members broke away and formed the Rum Running Dragons on July 19, 2006. Sinisterevil would be the original captain, but would step down and turn command over to Edgie, who would later relinquish command to Frogpirate.

On December 3, 2007, the crew welcomed back Arcturis by approving the merger of his independent, one-pirate crew Antalon, after his ship was cornered off the coast of Lima Island by their young officer Aapatti. Arcturis previously served under the old flag and on Tegasus Flyers as well, which disbanded during an extended period he was offline.

Arcturis assumed command of the crew Christmas Day 2007. On March 20, 2008, the sister crew Dark Demons merged into the Rum Running Dragons.

After being heavily involved in ocean politics through much of 2008, the crew has since fallen into inactivity with almost all other members dormant. In light of that, Arcturis demoted all Senior Officers to Fleet Officer or lower before handing the Captain's post to Korinna, an alternate pirate for another officer, and taking the rank of Fleet Officer (which requires the lesser expensive officer badge instead of a Captain's badge) while retaining the monarchy for the flag.

Rules for Jobbers

  1. The following are conditions resulting in a plank. The CO/XO will determine if warnings will be given first:
    • Spamming -- this includes solicitations for the purchase or sale of items
    • "Begging for gold"
    • Asking or demanding return to port
    • Excessive use of foul language
    • Arguing with the Officers or others on board
  2. Do NOT ask to Navigate, Gun, or Battle Navigate (B-Nav). If the CO or XO wants/needs you to on those stations, you will be ordered there.
  3. Only the commanding officer (CO) or executive officer (XO), or the Captain of the Crew if on board, may laze on a ship. All others must be doing a puzzle at all times. Refusing to get on a station may result in planking.