The Devil's Own

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The Devil's Own at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Astrolabe (dormant)
Senior Officer(s) Elvyn (dormant)
Politics Democratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Regnum Irae
Founded 25 February, 2006
Last updated on 8 December, 2010
Favicon.png Crew Info

The Devil's Own is a crew that sails the Meridian Ocean. The crew currently flies the flag of Regnum Irae.


The Devil's Own was originally founded by Subliminal then known as Johnnyboy on 25 February, 2005 under the name Cabin Fever. Its primary goal was to recruit talent and show that quality over quantity would be more desirable. This theory proved successful in the short term, as battle stats and high officer standings put many of the crew members in the top ten list for sea battle for a moderate period.

Cabin Fever then joined forces with Moros de Mindanao, a warring flag. Its crew mates continued to dominate the top ten sea battlers of Viridian, although new competition from Black Plague began threatening its positions. When inner-flag politics changed, the crew left Moros de Mindanao to to become the founding crew of the flag Fear and Loathing. Johnnyboy soon switched to using his alternate pirate, Subliminal, and changed the crew's name to The Devil's Own.

Adalie was made captain in November of 2005 and had maintained the crew through the changing of flags, starting with The Borg, which then changed back to Scuppering Seven Seas.

Astrolabe took over as captain in March 2006, but due to extended absence Adalie became captain again in June of 2006.

The Devil's Own then became part of Requiem when Scuppering Seven Seas merged into it. Later when Requiem disbanded The Devil's Own joined Regnum Irae along with many crews from Requiem.

By August of 2007, Astrolabe had returned and once again replaced Adalie as captain of the crew.

Public statement

Biding our time...

... quietly dormant for now, but we may be building up the crew again in a few months. Or not. We'll see. Please don't pester us with spamy flag-joining offers. That's even more obnoxious than dockpressing.

Promotion requirements

(Note that titles are used to designate specific privileges. For example, a Gunner is considered a capable gunner, and except in the presence of someone better, has a right to request to gun. A crew mate should always be given preference over a jobbing pirate.) Temporary: To help us get re-established more quickly, promotion requirements may, AT THE DISCRETION OF THE CAPTAIN ONLY, be waved

Pirate promotions

  • Cabin Person: Just ask. As long as you haven't proven to be a problem, we'd love to have you aboard!
    • Benefits/Privileges: Ability for the crew to see you online, so we can keep in touch more easily - Frequent invites to pillages, game rooms, ect.
  • "Bait" Pirate: Narrow/Respected in Bilge, Carp, and Sails - possession of a Pirate badge
    • Benefits/Privileges: Being a pirate is indicative of a certain quality, and will result in being invited on higher quality pillages - The ability (though not privilege without permission) to access guns
  • "Gunner" Pirate: Already be a Pirate - Narrow/Respected Guns - Prove your ability to gun on a crew pillage
    • Benefits/Privileges: - Marks a competence at the gunnery puzzle - Eligible to request to gun (consideration will still be given to skill, though with preference to crew mates)

Officer promotions

  • "Lookout" Pirate: Narrow/Respected "Duty" Nav - Approval of a SO to begin Officer training
    • Benefits/Privileges: Shows that you are ready to be trained to your crew mates (particularly the Officers who will be training you) - eligible to request to be taken out for Officer Training
  • "Boatswain" Pirate: Understand the basics of how a pillage is run - Be familiar with interfaces involved in maintaining a ship and running a pillage - Have observed a FO/SO Bnaving - Narrow/Respected Bnav
    • Benefits/Privileges: - Shows that you understand how to run a pillage and have some Bnav ability - Eligible to request to be promoted temporarily for practice Bnav sessions with Officers or other OIT's - You're almost to Midshipman, where you'll be able to lead your own (supervised) pillages!
  • "Midshipman" Pirate: Broad/Master Bnav - Take out an observed pillage and preform sufficiently
    • Benefits/Privileges: - Eligible to request to be temporarily promoted to lead a pillage with at least a full Officer on board - You're nearly a full Officer!
    • Note: The main difference between a full Officer and a Midshipman is the ability to preform well on any duty puzzle. This is important, because the people you have on board, especially if they're jobbers, can be unpredictable. Should, for example, the only gunner you have on board leave, you need to be able to fill in in that role in the event you can't find a replacement right away, the main reason for having an Officer on board a Midshipman's pillage. Some people have a puzzle that they just don't get. These people can still be very qualified to take out a pillage, but can run into serious trouble if they lose a crew mate or two and need to take over a station they can't preform adequately, which is the reason for the Midshipman/Officer system. There's nothing wrong with staying at Midshipman, it can still be fun.
  • "Quartermaster" Officer: Broad/Master in all duty puzzles - At least 3 Renowned's in duty puzzles, one of which must be Bnav - Demonstrate the ability to preform at least one puzzle and Bnav satisfactorily at the same time
    • Benefits/Privileges: Allowed to take out an unsupervised pillage - Deemed fit to supervise a Midshipman pillage, or to train a Lookout - Access to designated crew ships smaller than a WB
  • Fleet Officer: Broad/Renowned in all duty puzzles - At least 3 Solid/GM's, one of which must Bnav - Demonstrate the ability to take out a Blood-Level pillage - Demonstrate the ability to XO a WB pillage - Have been in the crew at least 2 weeks, and have the recommendation and trust of the Captain or at least 2 SO's.
    • Benefits/Privileges: - Access to the holds of all unlocked ships - Deemed fit to train a Boatswain, and to promote up to Officer - Eligible to request to XO a WB pillage - Allowed to take out a crew WB with a SO on board - Ability to choose (and give yourself) your own title
  • Senior Officer: Show a dedication to the crew - Have the absolute trust of the captain - Solid/Leg Bnav - At least 1 other Weighty/Leg duty puzzle - Demonstrate the ability to take out a WB pillage
    • Benefits/Privileges: - Access to all crew ships - Deemed fit to promote up to FO - The trust and help of the Captain - More forthcoming as the crew sets up additional venues
  • Captain: Have your name be "Astrolabe" or "Adalie" (you mates can have the crew back whenever you want, if you ever come back) or be chosen by the retiring Captain with the recommendation of the crew.

Transfers: If you're an established mate who's looking to switch crews, or if you've been out of a crew for a bit, contact the Captain or a SO in the even the Captain isn't around. You'll be asked to take out a pillage to demonstrate your progress, and rank thereafter will be based on your performance. Note that taking a pillage out does not guarantee Officer status, or even Midshipman, and also that, should you preform well enough to be a FO or SO, you will still need to go through a waiting period. Making you take out a pillage and go through a waiting period are not indicative of doubting your Bnav ability or a lack of trust, but unless we know you personally, we have nothing else to go by.