The Dark Tide

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The Dark Tide at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Stahowey
Senior Officer(s) Budington
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Imperial Coalition
Founded 25 June, 2007
Last updated on 16 April, 2012
Favicon.png Crew Info
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The Dark Tide is a crew in the Meridian Ocean, it is currently one of the elite crews in the entire ocean. The Dark Tide was founded on June 25th 2007 by Stahowey, who is still the captain of the crew. The only flag The Dark tide has been home to is Imperial Coalition.

Public Statement

...The tide is coming in...

There were some sailors floating their boat to the garnet archipelago. they braved all the obstacles, but found themselves unable to port at cochineal island. the crew turned angry, and decided to head back to harmattan. then their luck turned sour as imperials came to their ship to claim their remaining rum. The crew battled on while weary and low on cannonballs. They shot them one after another, each hitting their mark. the ships grappled and a melee occurred between the crews. As the dust settled, the sailors flew out of the cloud at full speed heading for cochineal. Each of them held a mug o' blood. They rode into port on a wave oozing with the blood that ran from the mug nothing could stop them. On that day these sailors became pirates, and later started this crew. THE DARK TIDE SHALL RISE AGAIN

Please NO flag invites, we love our flag.

Promotion Requirements

As follows in piracy skills:

  • Cabin person: Just ask to join crew
  • Pirate: 2 narrows, 1 broad
  • Officer: 2 solids, 2 Broad and Narrow in Duty Nav also must hold at least a Dist. Rank in duty puzzles except for TH.
  • Fleet officer: Must hold at least full Respected Bnav rank (preferably Master), other Personal Criteria and an absolute must is Crew Loyalty.
  • Senior officer: Voted on by other SO's and Captain

Promotions are based on ranks and other Personal Criteria such as Crew Loyalty

Crew Articles

  1. Treat others with respect.
  2. Please DO NOT leave during Battle. You will get an automatic -1 from your cut of the booty if you do leave.
  3. If you are a pirate of the crew, don't gun unless you are ordered to do so. If you gun without permission you will be planked without warning.
  4. If you have to leave during a pillage please give the Officer in Charge(OIC) notice.
  5. Please follow the orders of the OIC as this will help gurantee a successful pillage.
  6. Lazers will not be tolerated!! Please work while aboard a ship.
  7. No spamming or challenges aboard ship during a pillage.
  8. TEAM during battle, if you do not know what this is or how to do it please ask any Officer how, as this is essential to making POE.

If these rules are not followed the OIC may plank and/or -1 at their discretion. < /plank >

Vessels for Crew Use

We have plenty for Officer's of the Crew to use.

Do not withdraw from the coffers unless you have fully restocked the ship. The person who takes out the ship is in charge of restocking. There will be no excuses!!

The Officer that is considering taking out a ship should always read the officer bulletin board (located at the helm). This will tell you who owns the ship and what the min restock is for that vessel.

Crew Stalls/Shoppes

Iron Mongers
  • Tide Me Up on Tigerleaf Mountain (Onyx), owned by Stahowey
  • Stahowey's Weaving Stall on Fintan Island (Onyx)
  • Stahowey's Weaving Stall on Sakejima (Jade)

*** Merchant Galleons, Xebec, War Frigate and Grand Frigates Can Not Be Purchases at Shipbuilding Stalls

Favourite Crew Quotes

"Stah, you talk alot" - Redshorts

"Someone control pole" - Bootyhunters

"Pole rocks, and he is so much better then me" - Stahowey

"Red when are u starting yer new medication?" - Whipitgood

"Stah, Stah, she's our ma, if she can't do it no one ca!" - BloodyEddy