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Sword-Of-Light at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Last Monarch Lkg of Spirit of the Lord
Member crew(s) Horizon Dwellers, Surgite, nemesis of the seas, Skye's Scallywags, Spirit of the Lord, Findus Keepers
Founded 12 January, 2007
Dormant as of 1 March, 2012
Favicon.png Flag Info

Sword-Of-Light is currently a dormant flag on the Emerald Ocean.

Public statement

Dare-To-Be-The-Best and we dare to be


This flag intends to be active and prominent, and as such, royalty and titled positions will not just be given away. Everyone in a flag leadership position will be a royal. Candidates for royalty will be interviewed by our current senior staff, to make sure he or she is qualified. We are a team that plans on being the best on the ocean, and all crews in our flag are valued; big or small. We will not tolerate spam in our flag officer chat, under penalty of expulsion.

Alliances/Joining Us

If you wish to enter an alliance with us, please speak to a royal before you send the proposal. Unsolicited proposals will be ignored, and repetition may lead to a war declaration. In addition, we are currently looking for new crew to join the flag. If your crew wishes to join, please contact a royal. Bear in mind that crew size or your rank in your crew does not entitle you to a title in the flag. We award positions based on what one does for the flag.

Ministers and Contacts

  • War: Boardy
  • Alliances: Grannybasher
  • Blockades:
  • Fundraising Chairman:
  • Fundraising Committee:


At the time, our flag must focus on preparation for blockading, before we attempt to take an island. The best thing individual flagmates can do to assist us in this is to either donate time or money. If you want to assist us in preparing for blockades, speak with any royal. Donations can go to any royal as well. Be sure to tell them that it is intended as a flag donation. You can be secure that we will use this to further the flag’s blockading interests, and not personal use.


Our crew website is coming soon! It is currently under construction, but check here for updates.

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