Sins of the Flesh

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Sins of the Flesh at a Glance
Hunter Ocean
Last Monarch None
Member crew(s) Cats Armed to the Sloop, Pleasureful Sins, Midnight Sun, Dirty Deeds
Founded 6 December, 2006
Effectively dormant as of 6 May, 2009
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Sins of the Flesh was founded on December 6, 2006 by Tentei and Megami of Pleasureful Sins, taking the name from a 'Seven Deadly Sins' theme. The flag was developed with long term goals of ocean wide events and blockades. SoTF is a very close knit flag that prides themselves on their "extended family" atmosphere.

Public Statement

Welcome to Sins of the Flesh!

The seven 'deadly' sins relate perfectly to the world of piracy.

Do we really need to explain this one? A sin so...sinful (and sinfully delicious), expressing its meaning and relationship to piracy would bring the wrath of the Gods raining down their justice on us. Regardless, `Sins of the Flesh' is words enough to express this sin and all its vices.
A sin of insatiable desire for more wealth than one needs or deserves. We're pirates. We're completely obsessed with treasure and wealth! Pieces of eight aren't just currency to us; they're a way of life! We ~ALWAYS~ need more, and we're willing to do anything to get it.
Not so much the satisfaction of one's own appetite, but more of an unreasonable or unnecessary need or compulsion for excessive consumption. As pirates, we always want more. More rum, more food, more rum, more, more, more! Did we mention more rum?
Feelings of anger, hatred, uncontrollable rage and vengeance. Not a small smack to the back of your friends head, but sailing forty fully loaded ships at your enemy and filling their hulls with so much iron that not a plank of wood will float to the surface again. Wrath is a very piratey sin. In order to `acquire' what we desire, sometimes a bit of force is required. Be it a blades edge or the blunt end of a blackjack, the best discussions leave bruises.
A very human sin of being discontent or resentful and having an insatiable desire for the possessions, advantages, successes or qualities of another. Everyone wants more than what they are given. Pirates steal, pillage, and plunder the valuables of others. Of course! We want more than what we've got!
Arguably, the original sin. The base of all sins comes from the desire to be more important, better, more desirable than others. Having a high or inordinate opinion of one's own dignity, importance, merit, or superiority, whether as cherished in the mind or as displayed to the public can't be all that bad can it? Pirates dress themselves in the finest clothes, drink and eat the finest foods... Nothing expresses more pride than a pirate!
A disinclination to work or exert oneself. The sin most often referred to as laziness, apathy, shiftlessness or sluggishness. Sloth is a sin mostly known for its vices. Why do pirates `acquire' wealth rather than take honest hard-working jobs? So they can live a life of luxury, and do only what they want to do (mostly be drunk and lazy and roll around in their money) for the rest of their lives.

If those are the seven 'deadly' sins, then by all means, we be deadly pirates! And if one of those sins is so 'deadly' that the Gods themselves take great measures to monitor and control it... Then that shall be the one we use to represent ourselves, the sin that we display on the flags of our ships.

Beware! If the sin itself is that powerful, imagine the pirates who fly it on their flag!


  • Sins of the Flesh contended in the 24-hour blockade at Accompong Island on January 13, 2007. They placed third overall because they were tied with The Eye and Phantoms in number of rounds won and had the third most points in all 3 rounds. Having a choice of island openings as the prize, SotF chose to open Doyle Island as a personal favor to their friend Zeroblaze and his flag Razorblade Romance, who had contended but did not place in the event blockade.
  • On March 10, 2007, SoTF entered the island blockade scene collaborating with Beyond the veil at Alkaid I. After 4 rounds, BTV and SoTF, along with their allies, emerged the victors in a very hotly contested blockade with The Black Pearl. SoTF provided many of the navers, XOs and blockade staff for this blockade. Through their political contacts on Hunter and other oceans, they also provided a large portion of the jobbing pool. In the week that followed, Megami (co-monarch of SoTF), worked closely with Kenchio (monarch of BTV), to help him learn how to develop the island and showed him what was required to govern it

Operation Fail-Saiph Events:

Operation Fail-Saiph was the four part plan Sins of the Flesh set forth for Saiph Island. About their vision, Megami wrote:

"We, the Sins of the Flesh, in Order to form a more perfect Saiph, establish events, insure domestic fun, provide for the common sense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of decently priced commodities to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this plan for Saiph Island."

Phase I: Blockade of Saiph Island

The first phase of the Operation was to gain control of Saiph Island by attaining victory at Saiph VI, which then allowed the rest of the Operation to continue.

Phase II: Rename the Fort, Build a Shipyard

The second phase of Operation Fail-Saiph was to dust the distillery and build a shipyard, thereby increasing the PoE value of the island. To stimulate excitement about the changes, SotF decided to change the naming theme of the island to "Pandas", and created an ocean-wide event for pirates to give their own input into the rename effort. As a result of the Saiph Rename Event, the Shipyard was named Ling-Ling's Luxury Liners and the Fort was renamed to Pandaland. As a reward for the name suggestions, there are now two sloops on Hunter with the same name as buildings on Saiph. A few runner-ups were given pie.

Phase III: Event Blockades

The third phase of Operation Fail-Saiph is to create more fun for the whole ocean by providing regularly scheduled event blockades, with ocean input. Larger blockades will have prizes and other incentives to join. Current blockade schedule: Forum Thread.
  • Monday Mayhem - All ship types (sinking) - Use maneuvers, 5 rounds, ignore alliances, dense obstacles
  • Tuesday Teaser - Sloops and War Brigs only (non-sinking) - All sloops like to tease the war brigs. Use maneuvers, 3 rounds, ignore alliances, windy
  • Wednesday Wars - Sloops and Cutters only (sinking) - Use maneuvers, 5 rounds, ignore alliances, normal obstacles
  • Thursday Terror - All ships (non-sinking/non-removal)- Use maneuvers, 7 rounds, ignore alliances, normal obstacles
  • Friday Frustration - Sloops, Cutters, and War Brigs (non-sinking) - Cannons ineffective, 3 rounds, ignore alliances, dense obstacles
Check the notice board for exact times. An attempt is made to include all time zones in the fun.

Phase IV: Rotating Governor Events

The fourth and final phase of Operation Fail-Saiph is to hold regular, ocean-wide events to establish a rotating governorship of Saiph Island and ownership of the Shipyard. Every month or so, Governorship of Saiph Island is up for grabs in some sort of raffle, blockade, auction, tournament, or other event. As a result, every Hunter pirate is given the chance to govern an island and control a shipyard for their term as governor.
  • The first event was a raffle. On Sunday, June 3rd, 2007 the raffle winner/new governor was announced to be Quitex.
  • The second event, for the July governor, is a blockade mini-tournament, with unusual parameters. The first of three, one-round blockades will begin promptly at 6pm PDT on Friday, July 6th.
  • The August governor event has already been hinted at, with an image posted in Hunter forums.

Other Events

  • A party was thrown on June 3rd to celebrate the grand opening of the Saiph Island fort, Pandaland! There were five hours of events leading up to the announcement of the governor raffle winner. A grand frigate was filled with presents, each with a different riddle written as a note. There were also tournaments, hide-and-seek, a scavenger hunt, and trivia. Look for more details here.

Blockades At A Glance

# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 24 March 2007 Saiph VI Attacking No Havoc vs. Sins of the Flesh 2:3 Won island

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