Scupper Off

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Scupper Off at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Monarch Peglegupurbu of Nasty Drunks
Member crew(s) Nasty Drunks, The Dawn Raiders, Grin and Bare It, Penguin's Fury, Piratas Pirados, Chav's Army
Dormant or disbanded as of 29 May, 2008

Scupper Off was a flag that was founded on November 5, 2007, by its former king, Peglegupurbu, formerly of the crew Nasty Drunks. It was last ranked as a flag of renowned fame.

Governing Body

Icon monarch.png Monarch

There is no monarch of this flag.

Icon royalty.png Royals

Icon titled.png Titled Members


This flag was created after several crews from the former flag Hook had become discontented with their current situation. However, the flag lasted only 20 days before the crews within the flag each left to pursue their own respective goals and ideals.

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