Hook (Sage)

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This is an article about a defunct flag on the Sage Ocean. For the island on the Sage Ocean, see Hook Shelf (Sage)
Hook at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Monarch Barbarosaa of Dread
Member crew(s) Dread, The Elite Privateers, Skull and Crossbones, wolves of the waves, Outlaws of Sage, unforgiven lot, Fortunes by Blood, Misfit Children, Forever Jinxed
Dormant or disbanded as of 29 May, 2008

Hook was a flag that was founded on October 15, 2007, by its former king, Barbarosaa, formerly of the crew Dread. It was last ranked as a flag of Eminent fame.

Governing Body

Icon monarch.png Monarch

King Barbarosaa of Dread

Icon royalty.png Royals

Icon titled.png Titled Members

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