Playing card

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Jackspades.png Jackhearts.png Jackdiamonds.png Jackclubs.png
From left to right: Jack, Peghead, Hermes, Bluebeard
Queenspades.png Queenhearts.png Queendiamonds.png Queenclubs.png
From left to right: Artemis, Demeter, Mnemosyne, Eris
Kingspades.png Kinghearts.png Kingdiamonds.png Kingclubs.png
From left to right: Nemo, Cleaver, Red, Poseidon

The playing cards used in the game were drawn by Bluebeard and the Jacks, Queens, and Kings all represent the early wave of Three Rings employees.

The same royal images were also used to make real playing cards which were given as a bonus with box edition pre-orders. Decks could be bought online from the official Yohoho Store for $4.50 until it closed in 2006. In this deck, the Aces also represent pirate related items: Hearts, Clubs and Diamonds feature parrot, octopus and monkey familiars respectively, and the Ace of Spades features a skull and crossbones. The two Jokers feature skellies. The reverse of the cards features a war frigate.

Sets of playing cards were available from Ubisoft's online store, but have since been removed.