Hunter familiars (OCL)

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This is a list of all white familiars won on the Hunter Ocean during Olympic Champions League.


Each member of a winning team receives a white familiar (parrots for the Team Swordfighting winners, monkeys for the Sea Battle winners, octopodes for the Team Drinking winners, and serpents for Team Rumble winners.)

Season 7 (February - September 2009)

Sea Battle Team Swordfighting Team Drinking Team Rumble
Don Mega Megadoom Event not held Wabam Slappity
Dalnoth, Daquan, Novo, Melodycat, Amyxlala, Lotsofgoats Campxray, Novo, Moonidolizer, Side, Gouranding, Gabba Dries, Yoke, Justsilly, Dalnoth, Ringy

Historical Notes

  • The Hunter ocean had been open in time for the Season 6 OCL however it was not feasable to run the events as organization and planning for the event was done prior to it opening.
  • Team Swordfighting used to be called Team Brawl, but was changed to Team Swordfighting with the addition of the Team Rumble in Season 7.