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Looterati at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Monarch Burr of Cult of the Red Mantis
Member crew(s) British Sea Power, Cult of the Red Mantis, Kamikaze Guppies, Looterati, The Nameless Corsairs, Recruiterati
Organization Republic (Monarch is referred to as Prime Minister)
Founded 27 October, 2003
Allies Carpe Noctem, Heavens Aligned, PvP Pirates, Ruby Ring, Silver Dawn, Trans-Atlantic Empire, The Uprising, Widows and Orphans
Wars None
Last updated on 13 October, 2016
Favicon.png Flag Info

Looterati is a flag on the Cerulean Ocean originally of the Midnight Ocean.

Public statement

The Pirate Cognoscenti!

Extended public statement

If you find the brigands to be scallywags despicable, and
Plebeians contemptible diurnally deplorable, then
Seek the cognoscenti of the pirate digerati, who
By tempered steel and sharper wit, you'll know a Looterati crew.

Greetings, fellow pirates! This is Looterati! We work hard, play hard, look after our shoppes, trade, and enjoy that good ol' bony brigand butt bashin'. Our crews are intelligent and fun. Our flag sponsors and runs many events, frequently unique and brain-challenging ones. We're the only flag with trochaic octameter. Smaller and quieter than we once were, we have considerable experience and skill in our ranks!

Looterati is a Republic, and if we had our druthers, then Monarch would be Prime Minister, Royalty would be Representatives, and Titled Members would be Cabinet Members. Our Prime Ministers have previously been elected on a six-monthly basis, but are as likely now to be selected at random by enthusiastic voters on their way home from the inn. The remaining royalty make up the Flag Council, with each active crew having at least one representative. Our titled members each have their own role in the flag - be it finances, information, war, events or politics. You can contact anyone named on the flag page, who will help get you in touch with the appropriate person if they cannot help you themselves.

If ye are a crew looking to join the flag, feel free to contact any of our Royal or Titled members. If ye are a pirate looking to become a Looterati member, speak to any officer - we'll be pleased to help ye get settled in a crew in the flag!

The flag forum is at looterati.davii.com.

Finally, we make a special mention of our dear Barnie - the player behind this pirate, Ian Nottage, was killed in a motorcycle accident on April 25th 2006. Individually and communally, we still remember and miss him.

Blockades at a glance

# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 1 May 2004 Jorvik I Attacking uncolonized yes none vs. Looterati 0:7 Won island
2 28 May 2004 Jorvik II Defending colonized no Looterati vs. Tyr's Own 6:0 Defended island
3 23 July 2004 Jorvik III Defending colonized no Looterati vs. Tyr's Own 6:0 Defended island
4 13 March 2005 Jorvik IV Defending colonized yes Looterati vs. Scallywag Syndycate 3:0 Defended island
5 10 April 2005 Jorvik V Defending colonized no Looterati vs. Scallywag Syndycate 1:3 Lost island
6 16 April 2005 Jorvik VI Attacking colonized yes Scallywag Syndycate vs. Looterati, Saga 0:3:0 Won island
7 8 May 2005 Jorvik VII Defending colonized no Looterati vs. Notorious Fandango 3:1 Defended island
8 28 May 2005 Jorvik VIII Defending colonized yes Looterati vs. Water's Edge 1:0 Blockade aborted
9 4 June 2005 Jorvik IX Defending colonized yes Looterati vs. M A D 1:3 Lost island
10 25 June 2005 Jorvik X Defending colonized no Looterati vs. Shattered Faith 0:3 Lost island

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