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Legolars is the captain of the crew Naglfar, king of the flag Yggdrasil.

Contributions and Accomplishments


Legolars started his pirate career on the Viridian Ocean in June 2005. He started pillaging and getting PoE and stats for an officer badge really soon, as he was told Battle Navigation was the most profitable puzzle on YPP. After getting his officer badge after 4 days of work, he started crew jumping to find the crew that would fit him best as an officer.

In September he created his first crew, The Norwegian Vikings, which were followed by many other captain positions for Legolars. Many crews were created, merged and discarded until Naglfar was finally created, which is the crew Legolars currently resides in. Naglfar joined many flags under the leadership of Lego (as he is known to hearties and crewmates) until it finally became the founding crew of Yggdrasil. On the 3rd of August Yggdrasil defeated Imperial Coalition in a non-sinking blockade to take control of Ansel Island.

Near the beginning of Naglfar, a jobber called Pinkyqt came on quite a few of Legolars's War Brig pillages on the HMS Surpise. She eventually joined the crew full time, later becoming an SO in the crew, Royalty in the flag and the best carpenter on the Viridian ocean. Later still she was married in game to Legolars, who recieved his parrot and Maroon band as wedding gifts.