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Contributed in-game art by Joe

Joe set off in March of 2009 on an oceanic adventure but the ship he was on was attacked by pirates and was decimated to rubble, plunging him into the icy waters below. Soon after, Joe washed up along the shore of Aimuari Island. He was greeted warmly by a band of pirates and taught the ways of the ocean. Joe joined up with his closest friend Amorette and they began their journey together on the rough seas of Hunter, fending off anyone or anything that dares to step in their way.

Contributions and Accomplishments

  • Joe opened up a successful avatar shop on the forums, under the username Tryalis.
  • In the April 2009 Reverse Familiar Auction, Joe won a tan monkey after being the first of six pirates to bid 1.8 million PoE.
  • In April of 2009, Joe had one of his egg designs chosen to be implemented into the game, also known as Joe's Prize-Winning Egg.
  • In May of 2009, Joe received an honorable mention in the "It's Not Easy Being Green" Contest.
  • In May of 2009, Joe received a runner-up prize in the "Ringer Baby Pictures!" Contest for his Glaucus entry.
  • In January of 2010, Joe was awarded a white lily trinket for winning 3rd place with his story in "The Piratical Mrs. Claus" writing event.
  • In March of 2010, Joe had two of his egg designs chosen to be implemented into the game.

In-game art