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Ivanthered is a mostly retired pirate, and before retirement was captain of the crew Queen Anne's Revenge and monarch of the flag Deadman's Vengeance on the Sage Ocean. Previously, he was royalty in the flag The Light Brigade. He can normally be found tinkering with the ocean's diplomacy or bilging with one of his many vessels.


  • Former prince of The Light Brigade
  • Former captain of Queen Anne's Revenge
  • Former king of Deadman's Vengeance


Ivanthered moved to the Sage Ocean from Viridian to create his own crew. It was named "Queen Ann's Revenge", later corrected to "Queen Anne's Revenge". Early in January 2006, Ivanthered and his senior staff decided to secede from The Light Brigade and start his own flag, named Deadman's Vengeance. It is still functioning to this day.