Immortal Pirates

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Immortal Pirates at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Nightshade
Senior Officer(s) Auntyjinxed, Banditbetty, Famous, Ghazool, Hecklez, Sabre-West, Tandecker
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Smoke and Mirrors
Founded 5 December, 2008
Last updated on 13 May, 2016
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Immortal Pirates is a crew on the Meridian Ocean (originally from the Malachite Ocean). The crew currently flies the flag of Smoke and Mirrors.


This crew was founded on Malachite in the year 2008 on December 5th. The crew was run and captained by Forget, and is the self-proclaimed leading crew in the flag Kazioku Ryoushi. The crew reformed in January 2011 by changing the name of Nightshade's crew, One Night Stand back to Immortal Pirates. Nightshade then stepped down and gave captainship to Forget. Today, Nightshade stands as captain once more as Forget has taken his leave.

They are currently ranked as sailors of eminent fame, the Immortal Pirates are aiming for the standing of imperials of illustrious fame. During the month of June and July 2011, the crew fame has reached #1 in Malachite, averaging 40 battles a day. The crew possesses multiple ships, which range in size from sloops to grand frigates.


December 2008

The Immortal Pirates is founded by Bigme

February 2009

The Brethren Court, ran by Commador (who is now Xpoker) decides to merge with the Immortal Pirates, this brings 120 new members to the crew

April 2009

Leadership of the Immortal Pirates is transferred to Nightshade

May 2009

The Immortal Pirates leaves the flag Kazioku Ryoushi and joins Drive-By


Immortal Pirates leave Drive-By and joins the flag Upon Fate

January 2011

Immortal Pirates Reform with Forget as captain and Nightshade as senior officer

Feburary 2011

Forget departs and Nightshade returns to captaincy and remains monarch of Kazioku Ryoushi

June 2011

Immortal Pirates leave KR join the flag Argosy

September 2013

Immortal Pirates leave Argosy and create a new flag: Smoke and Mirrors

Public statement

Now it is known that dead men tell no tales, but when ye be immortal, the tales go on and on. Everyday this crew sees action, not ruling the ocean, but robbing it, as good pirates should. Join this rabble, and be immortal, forever.

Extended public statement

Well, here we are. You have found the page of Immortal Pirates. Well you scruvy dog, let me explain something to you. Time is just the distance of life, immortality cotradicts this concept. To be immortal is to be forever present. Take our hand, we will show you the ropes, bite our hand and we will show you hell.

Max potentials - Small/Medium/Large

Sloop 6/4/3 Cutter 7.5/5/3.75 Fanchuan 8/6/4 Baghlah 12/8/6 Dhow 7.5/5/3.75 Junk 15/10/7 Xebec 21/14/10.5 Merchant Brig 12/8/6 War Frigate 30/20/15 War Brig 15/10/7.5 Merchant Galleon 18/12/9 Longship 9/6/4.5 Grand Frigate 36/24/18

A short story

So.... there was a captain. This captain had a first mate. One day the first mate came up and said "Captain there is a ship approaching us, what should I do?" The captain turns and responds "Grab me my red shirt and engage." The crew goes to battle and wins, after the battle the first mate asks the captain "Sir, before we fought them, you told me to grab your red shirt. Why?" The captain responds "So when I am shot or stabbed the crew doesn't notice and keeps fighting." The first mate thinks out loud, "That's a great idea." A few days later, again the captain is approached by the first mate and the first mate says, "Captain, there are 49 ships on the horizon. The captain responds, "GRAB MY BROWN PANTS."