Loose Cannons (flag)

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For the Cerulean Ocean crew, see Loose Cannons.
Loose Cannons (flag) at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Last Monarch Fishfrenzy of Twenty-one To Win
Member crew(s) Golden Dragons, Twenty-one To Win
Founded 13 May, 2012
Dormant as of 13 March, 2013
Favicon.png Flag Info
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Loose Cannons is a dormant flag on the Emerald Ocean. This flag was formerly named Hooked.

Public statment

Taking the Scenic Tour for a while ... It's Been a Blast !

Extended public statement

What do SO's in Silver Storm get up to while playing Ypp? They make Debut Albums !

Congratz to Soulscape !

'Chronicle' ...




Obsolete info from a former Monarch

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Former public statement

All are invited to become Hooked

Former extended public statement

Hi and Welcome to Hooked!

Flag Colors: Purple and White

We are a very active flag that believes in supporting our flag mates in everything thing we do. We believe that a strong flag comes from its members. We believe in building a community within our flag that is both positive and active. We believe that within this community there are bonds that are like a family. We celebrate the conquests and rally around those that need our support. If this sounds like you then come and join us.

We are interested in having active crews join us on our journey for domination. If you are active and are interested in joining us,please speak to any royal so that we can discuss this.

Each crew that joins will get a Titled Member position. Depending on the size of your crew, you can earn more TM positions. Royalty is earned through flag loyalty and extreme positive leadership qualities.


Addicts are Hooked on:

  • blockading win or lose
  • the use of only in-flag blockade navers or in-alliance blockade navers in their teams
  • giving new players an opportunity to shine
  • supporting each others fundraising events
  • remembering to laugh

So, if pirates are interested in ?

  • Crews that enjoy regular pillies, SMH's and flotillas
  • Crews interested in running stalls, shoppes and forage runs.
  • Being social. The flag uses Ventrillo, a group Facebook page and our own website and forum.

They should speak to our royalty line up:

Contact a royal for a crew invite (don't forget the crew will need rumoured fame or higher)
Contact any captain or senior officer to join a crew in Hooked.
Royalty and titled positions are given out to those who are willing to help in flag activities and by agreement.


Please speak with Specialgirly or Redfeather.

  • Random alliance requests by flags to Hooked will be ignored.
  • The flag supports themselves and allies first, everyone else second.
  • They will consider support requests on a case by case basis.

PvP, wars, blockade

Please speak with Codefish.

  • PvP? Aye they do. It is part of the game.
  • PvP should be a fair skill match.
  • PvP should not systematically be used to target one specific individual, crew or flag outside of War.
  • They do not support and will report Alt Abuse in WAR PvP situations
  • Blockade? Aye they do.
  • War will only be declared by Hooked for the purpose of blockade.
  • Random war declarations by flags upon Hooked will be ignored.
  • They may return a declaration of war to make a blockade sinking.
  • They do not subscribe to any War or Pay conventions.
  • They do allow Blockade Alt within the Blockade Crew - B A I T