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Hellas at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Youngking
Senior Officer(s) Monkeymagic, Natalya, Nikoletta, Ntalia, Scotch, Xthelocust, Zogoula
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Blow My Mast
Founded 8 February, 2007
Last updated on 17 January, 2011
Favicon.png Crew Info

Hellas is a crew on the Meridian Ocean. They currently fly the flag Blow My Mast.


Hellas began first with Crx's creation of the crew Greek Armada, and within just a few months the crew became one of the biggest on the ocean. However, when a member of the crew was made captain after promising changes that didn't happen, Crx felt betrayed and so he created Hellas.

Within a month Hellas was number 1 in crew fame, and assisting in a blockade with one of the biggest flags on Viridian. The great blockade was carefully planned from both sides, a war that would have been a great victory no matter what would have happened. However, Hellas was betrayed and told to surrender the blockade. Most of the crew didn't listen and fought to the end, but with most of the allies surrendering the blockade was lost.

After this, Crx made a decision to stop being tools for others and to be warriors like his crew had showed him they were. And so, being Greek and loving the movie 300, he made Spartans, which made it to 3rd in flag fame. On February 8th 2007 Hellas was reborn, proving Crx's determination to gain the number one spot. This incarnation of Hellas is probably one of the best crews ever with a large number of members. Although there are guidelines to becoming an officer or higher, these were made so members would have great stats while working their way up.

Hellas left their flag, Chaos's Destiny to join Post Mortem, a bigger and much more active flag. More recently the crew moved to the flag Blow My Mast.

Public Statement

We are Hellas! Ahoy, hail, Avé, well met and how do you do.

Hoy mates! We be Hellas. Yer all welcome to join! Fun times, strange conversations and fame/fortune await! Not sure why the ubiquitous craze for cookies, but rest assured there'll be cookies too :)

We like to promote equality of jobbing - we don't discriminate at all, nope, not even if you're a mythical creature of all teeth and claws. (though we might keep our distances!)

Promotion Requirements

Icon cabin person.png Cabin Person

If you've been naughty we'll put you here to do penance for your sins.

Icon pirate.png Pirate

Just sign up. No small print, no hidden extra costs, no strings.

Icon officer.png Officer

Show that you're either capable of sailing ships and battlin' brigands or that you be up for learning!

  • Dist in Battle Navigation (Preferred)
  • 3 Solids OR 2 Resp + 1 Broad in:
    • Bilge
    • Carp
    • Sails
    • Guns
  • Captain has the right to promote anyone he wishes to this rank regardless of stats.

Also try and gain Captains trust!

Icon fleet officer.png Fleet Officer

Stick around for a bit, let us get to know you, and get to know us! We don't bite. Okay, a little. not that much. Okay, a lot - but its the kind of lustful seductive bite that you know you'll want to come back for later :)

First, you need to prove yourself to a superior officer and to the crew. This is possible in many ways.

  • Ask any SO or the captain for more information. *
  • Lots of trust from SO and Capt.
  • Must know how to pillage and can pillage consistently

Icon senior officer.png Senior Officer

Captain is the only one who can promote you to this rank. This rank in Hellas is gained through hard work and responsibility.

Those outside the crew wishing to enter Hellas as a Fleet or Senior Officer should know that these positions are not available. Under NO circumstance will anyone enter Hellas as a Fleet or Senior Officer without a consensus among the Captain and Senior Officers.

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