Greek Fire

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Greek Fire at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Montecarlo
Senior Officer(s) Gracely, Joyceann, Kindrid, Oneeyedbob, Surmuck, Thedeath
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Post Mortem
Founded 29 May, 2005
Last updated on 6 December, 2010
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Greek Fire is a crew that sails the Meridian Ocean. The crew currently flies the flag of Post Mortem.


Greek Fire was founded on May 29, 2005, by Professeur, the crew's original captain, and first mate Joff.

In a rather short period of time Greek Fire grew to become a strong crew on the Viridian ocean. The first flag that the crew was in was Moros de Mindanao (MDM).

After a short while Professeur thought it better to move the crew into the flag Brethren of all Coasts, where the crew Death's Shadow was already a member. This move ultimately brought Professeur and Kenna together and they were married in game a short time later.

The crew's banner & colors. Created by: Nordenx

After being in the flag for a while, the flag started to degrade and Professeur tried his hand at leading his own flag, Le Feu de la Mort.

Then during December of 2005, Professeur stepped down as captain and monarch, due to real life issues, and promoted Redrumcherry to captain of the crew, and handed the reins of the flag over to Kerix, captain of the crew Vim.

Shortly there after Kerix also left the game for a short while to do real life issues, and Redrumcherry moved the crew into the flag, Teh Booch under the leadership of Blackmaria.

After about a month, Redrumcherry stepped down and promoted Montecarlo to the captaincy of the crew. Montecarlo kept Greek Fire in Teh Booch for as long as he could, but do to politics and not wanting to be at war and possibly loose some of his crew's ships, he decided it best to move on.

Dopefish a hearty of Joyceann, senior officer of Greek Fire, was more than happy to have the crew join his flag Revelation. Greek Fire had finally found a home in a flag that was friendly and always helpful, until turmoil tore the flag apart in late June and early July of 2006.

Oneeyedbob, senior officer of Greek Fire, and Montecarlo co-founded the short lived flag Tears of the Phoenix, but after a few weeks, real life interceded again and the flag was disbanded.

Greek Fire then became an independent crew for a while but finally ended up joining the flag Post Mortem.

Public statement

At this time we are not accepting any flag invitations. If you still would like to talk to the captain, about joining that is fine. Please DO NOT give random flag invites. Thanks ~ Montecarlo

This be the crew of Greek Fire! Back in the day, Greek Fire was the deadliest weapon on the seas...and it has returned! We are accepting members all the time so don't be afraid to ask to join.

Crew articles

  1. Follow all requests and orders given by Officers, Senior Officers, and of course the Captain.
  2. Only ask to join or be promoted at port, if you ask at sea, it will be ignored. DO NOT ASK TO JOIN AS AN OFFICER!! YOU WILL BE DENIED!! You have to work your way up through the ranks in this crew just as every officer in it has!
  3. Please keep the crew chat at a PG-13 rating. (can result in demotion or if you are cabin person, you can be expelled)
  4. PTB IS NOW MANDATORY EVEN IF THE SHIP IS IN PORT!!! Never board a ship without asking for PTB, permission to board (can result in planking), EVEN if the ship is in port. If Officer training is in process, it will be announced and you won't be allowed on a certain ship until it is over. {At times there will be an officer(s) who will be sailing solo either memming routes or doing a merchant run (i.e. transporting goods), and when doing so, are trying to avoid battles. So less pirates on board means less of a chance to be engaged by another ship. So ALWAYS ask PTB.}
  5. Be respectful to ALL people in this game, even if they are rude to you.
  6. If you leave during battle you WILL be demoted or expelled.
  7. No BEGGING of any kind will be tolerated at any time! That means, no begging for poe, no begging to pillage, if an officer wants to pillage, he/she will.
  8. Remember its just a game, have fun! That is what we are all here to do! Its all about the fun!


Breaking the rules will result in the following reprimands:

  • 1st offense: verbal warning
  • 2nd offense: temporary demotion
  • 3rd offense: permanent demotion or expulsion
  • 4th offense: there will be no 4th offense

Promotion requirements

  • Pirate: Own a Pirate badge and complete a pillage with an officer.
  • Officer: Must have 3 broad marks in any piracy duty puzzle, and 1 oceanwide master in any piracy duty puzzle. Narrow experience in Battle Nav. Own an Officer badge, complete Officer training, and complete a full pillage with the Captain(or an SO designated by the Cap'n). Please do not think that if you purchase a badge that it will be an automatic promotion.
  • Fleet Officer: Have 1 broad and 2 solids in any piracy duty puzzle and 2 ocean wide renowned ranks in any piracy duty puzzle, and Broad Experience in battle Nav and be ranked master or above. Have the cap'n trust you enough not to steal from ships.
  • Senior Officer: Must have 3 solid or better in any piracy duty puzzle and 3 oceanwide renowned in any piracy duty puzzle. Solid experience in BNav and be ranked renowned or above. Also Senior officer's must have the complete trust of the captain and other senior officer's. (Senior Officer is a rank of privellage, and that promotion is made solely at the captains discretion. Do not harass the captain about becoming a Senior Officer.)

Promotions are not made soley upon your stats, those are just some of the pre-requisites for the position. Your character as a person, and your willingness to help others and the crew will also be major factors in any promotions that may or may not take place.

Keep in mind that begging for promotions is frowned upon and does not help you, but hurts you.

The Captain has the final decision in all promotions beyond pirate.