Great White Dugongs

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Great White Dugongs at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Rowgish
Senior Officer(s) Chargeo, Croetje, Inkerick, Oneeyedcraze
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Flaming Devils
Founded 28 December, 2005
Last updated on 17 January, 2011
Favicon.png Crew Info

Great White Dugongs is a crew which sails the Meridian Ocean.

Public Statement

The Gongs. Always having fun bouncing off the walls of our padded cells.

Extended Public Statement

If you love to pillage, you may join. If you are good at pillaging, you may join. If you like CI, you may join. If you are trade obsessed, you may join. If you like chatting and socialising, you may join. If you are a poker addict, please wait in line to be shot in the foot - then you may join.

Welcome to Great White Dugongs! We are a solid, active, versatile crew who likes to have fun and play hard. To encourage respect for our fellow crewmembers and make things as enjoyable as possible out here on the seas, we ask you to observe the very few rules we do have. Our goals are to have fun, learn and grow, make some friends, and best of all: RULE THE OCEANS!


Great White Dugongs was founded on December 28, 2005 by Jukebox and Jimiity. As of June 2006 the crew was flying the flag Dreaded Dream Makers. Last Sunrise merged with GWD in late 2006 and the crew also moved to the flag Shadow Knights. On the 26th of February 2007 the crew Shadows of Destiny merged into GWD.

Jukebox was the crew's original captain, but was replaced by Flyinnorth in late 2006. In April 2007 the crew decided to go "captainless" and was run by a group of seven senior officers, they were Flyinnorth, Jukebox, Oneeyedcraze, Dmentd, Dwambo, Amici and Cancelxero. The popular Rowgish has since taken over as captain.

It was an extremely active crew and still engages in pillaging, trading and blockades. Great White Dugongs was consistently in the top ten crews on the fame list during 2008 and is one of the long standing "great" crews on the viridian.

As of April 2009 the crew flew the flag World of War and remained there until 2010 when they moved to Nautical Warlords. Later that year the crew again moved to the flag Flaming Devils.