Crimson Horizons

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Crimson Horizons at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Monarch Harldcologne of miss's revenge
Member crew(s) miss's revenge
Founded 28 July, 2007
Allies Blackstar, Raising Hull, Red Ribbon Army
Wars None
Last updated on 5 October, 2016
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Crimson Horizons was a flag on the Cerulean Ocean founded in the year 2007 on July 28th.

Origin and early history

As told by Dukeofwales:

It was a dark and dreary day when the remaining crew of the Censored Corsairs sailed off into the gloom. Their first captain had gotten lost somewhere out there and had not been seen for some time and it was feared they would never return. Their next captain, being young, got schooled in the ways of the world and was swept out in a sea of knowledge that only a few can understand. Now with the fate of their Captains uncertain, the crew set out alone, yet they kept looking back for some glimpse of hope that they may return. Yet as the small island faded into the distance they knew that there was no turning back now. The crew now without a captain looked to themselves for leadership. The senior officers got together and elected a new captain, Mirelda, and together they decided they must come together under a new name. So on the 29th day of June, in the year 2007, this ragtag group of scoundrels became known as the Crimson Sabers.

The Crimson Sabers prided their selves on pillaging, partying and playing poker and proudly displayed this to all who might want to join this pirating lot. As they continued to pillage ships throughout the Ocean of Cobalt they kept making a name for themselves and more pirates joined their crew. As they continued to grow they came upon some other pirate crews and decided that they should join themselves together under one flag to unite them. Seeing as how the crews spilled blood of many a brigand and barbarian and the crews were always looking to the distance, they decided on the 27th day of July in the year 2007 to join their forces together under the flag of the Crimson Horizons.

The Crimson Sabers continued to grow as a crew within the flag with the addition of some select pirates. Oreilly, being one of the former senior officers of the Censored Corsairs, helped in the addition of Leftida and Madhat into the crew. More pirates joined the crew as they continued to get stronger; among these pirates were Larkspur, Savagesharon, Elizatrueluv, Tahellme, and Novaparlee. As the crew got larger and stronger so did the flag. Crews like Pirates Haven, Shadows at Twilight, Destini's Fate and Revenge made great additions to the flag as they continued to scourge the Cobalt Ocean.

One day as the Crimson Sabers were out looking for ships to pillage they saw a makeshift raft floating off in the distance and decided to go take a look. As they approached the small raft they noticed that there was someone on it. Pulling alongside the raft, they pulled the body up onto the deck of the ship. As Dukeofwales and Oreilly approached the body they were amazed at what they saw. It was Theredraider, one of their former captains, found at last and rescued from the waters of the ocean. After a long tale, of the things that had passed, the Crimson Sabers welcomed their former captain into the ranks of their crew.


Latest blockade

Conglin VIII - a very closely fought blockade with 3 contenters that went to 5 rounds. The two attackers each won 2 rounds, with the defender (Dark Asylum) winning the 5th, giving a null result, and the defender retained the island.

Earlier blockade history

Blockades at a glance

# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 23 February 2008 Harmattan VI Attacking Yes Jinx vs. Crimson Horizons 3:1 Didn't win island
2 8 November 2008 Pranayama III Attacking No Static Before the Storm vs. Crimson Horizons 3:0 Didn't win island
3 17 January 2009 Conglin VIII Attacking Yes Dark Asylum vs. Crimson Horizons, We Won't Back Down 1:2:2 Didn't win island

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