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Akkhima has no portrait
Island designer box.PNG
Fan art created by Akkhima. Click for larger view

Akkhima is an independent pirate on the Cerulean Ocean. She puts into port on Turtle Island.

Accomplishments and Recognition

Akkhima is one of the winners of the Design the Oceans Contest.[1] Her excellent design work can be seen at the following islands:


A talented artist, Akkhima is most frequently sighted in Mariner's Muse. Starting in September, 2004, she started accepting orders of PoE for avatars, and continued that service until at least May, 2005.

Akkhima once won a ship for the most finely-crafted Puzzle Pirates "inside joke:" Ye might be a puzzle pirate if being "out for blood" has nothing to do with revenge and everything to do with weaving.

Akkhima was also a runner up in the "Do Anything for a Familiar" contest, for which she distributed over 50 pairs of Pink Stripy Knickers and Lime Green brassieres (Bandanas) to passers-by on Midnight's Alpha Island.