Fruity Swegs

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Fruity Swegs at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Fruit
Senior Officer(s) Topsweg
Politics AutoCratic
Shares Crew Loyalty
Flag Affiliation Alria
Last updated on 10 March, 2015

Fruit Swegs is a crew that sails the Meridian Ocean in the Pursuit of Sweg and Happiness. May Sweg bring prosperity to all.


Our Crew was Founded March 8, 2015

Joined Alria March 9, 2015

Public Statement

"The to Owners of this Crew are Fruit and Topsweg. We are a pillaging crew looking to have fun and expand. We try to have fun in all that we do, but put maximum effort in all we do. We look to prosper and have a Positive impact in the community. We are under the Flag of Alria which rules with a kind fist. As our forces grow stronger, our fun lasts Longer."

Promotion Requirements

  • Cabin Person: Ask the OiC after booty has been divided in port.
  • Pirate: Purchase a subscription and inform an off duty officer and have Narrow in Carpentry, Sailing and Bilging.
  • Officer: Complete crew training and hold Broad/Distinguished in Carpentry, Bilging, or Sailing and Narrow/Able in Battle Navigating.
  • Fleet Officer: Be an Officer in good standing for a period of 3 weeks, have Renowned in Battle Navigation, Grand-Master in all two Duty Puzzles and Master in all other Duty Puzzles.
  • Senior Officer: Be a Fleet Officer in good standing for a period of 3 weeks, have a Legendary in Battle Navigation, Grand-Master in all Duty Puzzles and the willingness to take on responsibilities for the crew like training new officers. Must also get Approvals from Both Topsweg and Fruit.