Eternal Death Wish

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Eternal Death Wish at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Darkshdwlady
Senior Officer(s) Bladehunter, Coolwinds, Darkshdwguy, Fiercevince, Gricer, Hamaan, Rigeria, Swordofmia, Teala
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Dark Shadow Knights
Founded 5 July, 2009
Last updated on 17 January, 2011
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Eternal Death Wish is a crew on the Meridian Ocean flying the flag Dark Shadow Knights.

Public Statement

Currently in a rebuilding phase! All ranks currently open!

Extended Public Statement

As you await the row boat to make its way to your vessel of choice for your journey across the sea, you spot a vessel with black sails sailing away from the isle and into the mist. The rower of your little vessel tells you of the story of the crew who sail from no island and port where ever they like. The strange man tells you of the hideous crimes he hears the crew with no captain commits. I laughed and said there has to be a captain, a leader, even among pirates. The man replied in a shrill voice, there are lots of leaders, with only one as the leader in name. These pirates are known as those who have signed an Eternal Death Wish.

After the port-side poker during your wait as the vessel loaded up with both men, women and stock where you managed to win some PoE, the vessel sets sail and quickly gains speed. As the mates on every station calm down; your position as look-out is re-assured by the calm seas, favourable winds and blue skies.

Five minutes from port, you hear pirates are after your vessel. Word was out about the heap of gold in the cargo hold. As the sailors work harder; your worst night-mare comes true. A vessel with black sails is headed in your direction. It seemed way off in the distance, but as the sailors worked harder and the wind favoured us; it seemed an eary contradiction that our way home was blocked by a vessel that seemed to gleem of gold in the sun. Almost instantly, the fore crows-man rings the alert bell and you, being the crews stratergist are expected to provide the details of how to avoid the on-coming danger. This task looks impossible and within minutes the guns are rolled out and the gunners on deck.

As the navigator makes a last ditch attempt to out-manouver the opposition, it seems they know exactly where your going and fire a full broadside into your hull. Your crew is injured, the carpenters are fixing one hole while another two appear, the bilgers have crabs bitting their toes and the sailors turn into sail-repairmen. The ship looses speed and you grab your sword as the vessel boards you. As you do so, what appeared like millions of strong abled pirates hop on board your vessel, swords at the ready. They are so organised, all you can do is watch in horror as the vessel is plundered and sit alight.

In a last ditch attempt to survive, you leap off the crows nest as it crashes into the ocean. A peice of driftwood comes by and you grab it.....

Two days later:

Tired, hungry and in need of help, you land on a beach of an unknown island. As you wonder the jungles, you come upon an inn. In need of help, you run do the door and knock as hard as you can. As the door opens you collapse and are caught by the strongest pair of hands...

A couple of days later, you wake up in a hospital, your comrades from the night of the attack. As you sit up, you notice a contract laying on your side table. You pick it up to read it and realise this was an Eternal Death Wish contract. Hastily, you sign the paper and turn it over to see the captains of the crew with their first mates beside them in a portrait. Bellow is the caption, "Welcome aboard Sailor!"

Crew Articles

  1. Have FUN! This is a game and it's supposed to be fun. So make it fun!
  2. PTB (Permission to Board) is to be asked before boarding any vessel from a sloop to a war brig in size. This is because many pirates run Elite sloop pillages or just want to solo on the high seas. Please respect their wishes. Not doing so will result in you being planked, and repeat offenders may be expelled or demoted.
  3. All officers and above must attempt to pillage as often as possible. We would much appreciate this as it helps with fame and spreading our name among the ocean's pirates.
  4. Do not disrespect any member of the crew, from a lowly jobber or cabin person, to the highest officer or captain. This is one way to get yourself expelled or demoted.
  5. Restocking is a must. Restock back to the level it was before you took it out. This does not mean that if it had no stock you can take stock off once stock goes on a ship it becomes property of the ship. See rule 6.
  6. Stealing from a ship, selling all the stock and removing the PoE from a ship will get you expelled and reported to the OMs. No forgiveness. No sorry. Just good bye. (This does not mean you cannot sell stock won in battle.) If it is not yours don't touch it!! I check the ship records regularly on all unlocked ships

Promotion Ranks

Cabin person: This is for labor alts and dormant pirates.

Pirate: This is the starting point where you wait for the captain to give you the rank of officer.

No one will be starting out as Officer anymore. They have to work for that rank. That means there stats have to be officer material. No stats, no Officer until such time as I see fit to rank you higher.

Ranks above Officer are not impossible to attain, but come with trust: mine and the members of our crew. If your crew members think you deserve a higher rank, they will ask that you be promoted... IF you have to ask ME for a promotion it means you will probably not get it!