Crewless Merchants

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Crewless Merchants at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Arell
Senior Officer(s) Windriya, Teddyybear
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Blissful Establishment
Founded 2 January, 2015
Last updated on 24 May, 2016
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Crewless Merchants is a crew on the Meridian Ocean. It flies the flag of Blissful Establishment.


The crew, Crewless Merchants is a funny sorta crew. It was made because Arell wanted to be the only person, a lone wolf, really, awoooo (wolfsound?). But then she got members. And it was no longer just her. It's rumored that after gaining the second member she said, "Sadface." Unfortunately, the crew was founded before the digital age and as a result there is no firm evidence to prove this; fortunately, there is similarly no evidence to prove otherwise.

Now the crew is just a little bit ironic, seriously. Everyone that wants to be a Crewless Merchant has to be in a crew. How does that make sense?

Notable Members


Teddyybear is most notable for writing YPPedia articles that do not sound at all similar to an encyclopedia, in fact he wrote this one. He is the most famous pirate in the crewless crew. He also once accidentally put this page over the template for crew pages, that was a mistake that he is sorry for.

Historic Crew Events

Revitalization Era

On February 20th, 2017 notable Senior Officer, Teddyybear and Captain Arell, logged onto play Puzzle Pirates at the same time in over 4 months. It was proclaimed that drugs were bad. And also a pillage was planned for the following Thursday. This would be the start of the uphill battle as the crew would fight to become the most respected crew in the nation.

The Tragic Upside-down Dinner of 2016

On May 24th, 2016 the Senior Officer Windriya had made a tragic mistake. Starting at 9:14PM (PST) Windriya was spotted eating a cake. A sweet, delicious, dessert cake. However, it wasn't more than an hour later at 9:56PM that she was spotted cooking rice, at 10:23PM the rice was officially cooked, and this moment in time, when the crew hit absolute rock bottom. Windriya officially had an upside-down dinner. It is this exact moment in history that the crew decided to check itself in for a 2 week recovery program, where it planned to learn the importance of a well balanced pyramid meal.

The Recruitment of Uwotmatey

Nearing rock bottom, on May 22nd, 2016 the Senior Officer Teddyybear went out for a pillage with his sloop stocked to the brim with Fine Rum, for himself, and no one else. He lead one of the most successful pillages that the crew had had to date, so successful that esteemed pirate, Uwotmatey decided to join the crew on the spot as an officer. While it was just days before the crew hit rock bottom, Uwotmatey was the prophecy the crew needed once rock bottom was hit. Uwotmatey was a hero sent down to save the crew, a true renaissance man.

Tea Survey

On May 24th, 2016 a survey was sent out to all members online at 10:15PM (PST). This survey has gone on to many innovations thought up by the crew. The results of the survey are listed below. 3 pirates were sampled.

Favorite Tea

Of the pirates sampled, the results were very different. 33.3% said their favorite was Chai, 33.3% said Taro Milk tea, and a resounding 33.3% said Russian Caravan. At the time of the survey no one was drinking their favorite tea, however 33.3% of participants were drinking Earl Grey/Chai, researchers question the legitimacy of these results because the participants are not drinking their favorite teas.


Some of the participants like to add milk and sugar. Others, prefer it straight.


It was dully noted that Uwotmatey drinks out of a teal mug with a brown lining. This brown lining makes it easy for him to ignore any food scraps that might have baked into the mug in the dishwasher that he would rather not clean.

Analysis of Results

After careful analysis of the results, we can conclude that while at least 33.3% of the participants lied about their favorite tea. The participants that did offer a truthful response are a large enough sample size that we can conclude that Russian Caravan is the favored tea among members of the crew. Additives like milk and sugar are not a necessity at crew functions; however, they are a plus, and will definitely add life to crew functions.

Implications of Survey

Based on this survey we can conclude that pirates, Brozen and Chased likely enjoy drinking out of teal mugs. However, experts speculate that they prefer coffee over tea.