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For the item used to summon monsters, see Charm (Black market).

Charm is non-gameplay altering decoration, such as trees, plants, and rocks, that can be placed on an island by its governor, with the help of an Ocean Master. Charm prices currently start at around 50,000 PoE. Send Demeter a petition in the game for details (using "ATTN: Demeter" in the petition subject box).

Usually only common, inconspicuous objects can be purchased. If Demeter approves of a more noticeable addition, it will likely cost much more.

Ground tiles cannot be adjusted.

The process for removing unique charm that has been placed by someone else will be the same as an island transfer in terms of how to go about doing it. Removals will be done on Mondays or Tuesdays and an intent must be posted here at least a week ahead of time with at least one viable blockadeable weekend. For example, players would have to post by midnight on Monday, and have the island open for blockade that weekend for the removal to happen the following Monday. Both placing and removing an item costs the same. Players should contact Demeter if they have any questions.

Yohoho Tools may be helpful in planning island layouts, including any charm that players may like to add.

Walking animals can be purchased as pets from the palace shoppe, which the governor can then set to roam on the main island scene.

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