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For the regular movement, grapple and fire tokens used in all sea battles, see Sea battle#tokens.

Maneuvers are earned by duty puzzlers aboard a ship on a blockade, flotilla, or sea monster hunt board. These pirates play variations of the regular duty puzzles, Carpentry, Bilging, Sailing, Patching and Rigging, which have additional symbols added to the regular puzzle pieces when performance is good, and the player's experience is at least Apprentice. The players can, with some effort and in a manner depending on the puzzle, combine these symbols to contribute effort towards earning these special tokens for the ship, which is shown on a small meter. Once all three duty puzzle meters are full, the maneuver is earned for use in the battle. These tokens are shown on the battle navigation screen in addition to the regular movement, grapple and fire tokens. They can be used by the ship's navigator to execute special moves.

Each maneuver has two levels, silver and gold. Gold tokens perform the same move as silver tokens, but with extra bonuses such as increased damage. Once a silver token has been earned the additional work towards that token goes towards upgrading it to the gold version. If the silver token is used before the gold version is awarded the work towards the gold version is credited towards earning another silver token.


Progress towards the completion of tokens is shown in three ways. The navigating tokens on the helm are filled in as progress is made towards them. The person at the helm can click on one to indicate that they'd like players to work towards that specific one. This displays an image of that token and a three-fold progress meter inside the right edge of the duty puzzle on the players' screens. The progress meter has three vertical bars, from left to right: a yellow bar for sailing, a red bar for carpentry, and a blue bar for bilging. The puzzler sees the bar for their puzzle as wide, and for the other puzzles as narrow. The bars fill up as symbols are completed in the corresponding puzzles. When all three bars reach the top the token is awarded, or the gold upgrade if the silver one was already earned. A copy of this meter is also displayed with the helm controls, it displays the progress towards whichever token is currently under the mouse cursor.


Shape Color Result Images Notes
Blockade bonus token circle silver.png
Chain Shot: Two balls tied together with a chain! Damages the rigging, destroying movement tokens on the ship that has been hit.
Chain and skull shots fired from a larger cannon cause greater token loss than those fired from a smaller cannon.
Blockade bonus token circle gold.png
Skull Shot: Fire a flaming skull at yer enemies! Removes movement tokens the same as chain shot, but also does extra damage.
Blockade bonus token diamond silver.png
In-place Turn: Twist the ship around, going to broadsides without moving a single space.   Once placed it will show the direction of the turn - navigators can change the direction by clicking on it.
Blockade bonus token diamond gold.png
In-place Turn with Tidal Wave: Such a masterful turn, it throws up a wave of water, flooding the bilge of any ship unfortunate enough to be in the way.
Maneuver Tidal Wave.png
The bilge dealt is 50% regardless of ship size.
Blockade bonus token plus silver.png
Double Forward Move: Masterful sailing gives ye a single token that can move forward two spaces in the time it normally takes for just one.
Maneuver Double Forward.png
Blockade bonus token plus gold.png
Ramming Speed: Damn the torpedos, full speed ahead! Does a double move, but thanks to the heroic efforts of yer crew, yer ship rams as if it were of a larger vessel.
Blockade bonus token ex silver.png
Flotsam: Drop a cluster of flotsam behind yerself, which sticks around for a handful of turns; any ship foolish enough to try to sail through it gets stuck, losing the rest of their moves for that turn.
Flotsam does not affect any movement caused by wind, and it isn't moved by wind.
Blockade bonus token ex gold.png
Burning Flotsam: Exactly like the flotsam, only it has raging flames on it, so it does damage to the ship of any unwary pirate and sailors foolish enough to sail into it.
Cursed isle maneuver-silver.png
Banish Zombies: Banishes a certain number of boarding zombies from the ship.
Cursed isle Banish.png
Only appears while attacking the Cursed Isles. Creates no external visual effect.
Cursed isle maneuver-gold.png
Control Thralls: Transfers the control of a certain number of boarding zombies to a pirate.
Cursed isle Control.png

Tokens per maneuver

The number of tokens required to generate a maneuver is dependent upon the maneuver, the duty station, and the size of the ship. Below is a table that lists how many tokens from each station are required to generate a maneuver for each scenario. The number to the left of the slash indicates the number of tokens required to generate a silver maneuver while the number to the right of the slash indicates the number of tokens required to generate a gold maneuver.

Ship Station Circle Diamond Plus X Flower
Sloop Bilge 3/6 3/6 3/6 4/8 1/2
Carpentry 2/4 2/4 1/2 1/2 1/2
Sailing 2/4 3/6 3/6 1/2 1/2
Cutter Bilge 5/10 5/10 5/10 6/12 2/4
Carpentry 3/6 3/6 2/4 1/2 2/4
Sailing 3/6 5/10 5/10 2/4 2/4
Dhow Bilge ?/? ?/? ?/? ?/? 2/4
Carpentry ?/? ?/? ?/? ?/? 2/4
Sailing ?/? ?/? ?/? ?/? 2/4
Longship Bilge ?/? ?/? ?/? ?/? 2/4
Carpentry ?/? ?/? ?/? ?/? 2/4
Sailing ?/? ?/? ?/? ?/? 2/4
Merchant Brig Bilge ?/? ?/? ?/? ?/? 4/8
Carpentry ?/? ?/? ?/? ?/? 4/8
Sailing ?/? ?/? ?/? ?/? 4/8
Merchant Galleon Bilge ?/? ?/? ?/? ?/? 5/10
Carpentry ?/? ?/? ?/? ?/? 5/10
Sailing ?/? ?/? ?/? ?/? 5/10

Duty reports

A duty report entry showing symbols completed by a pirate

The contributions made by each pirate towards token generation are shown on the duty report after each segment. One small yellow symbol is displayed for each symbol completed by that pirate at that station in the last segment.(verify) (switching boats might reset it, leaving and re-entering board doesn't)


Spoiler warning: Details about trophies are hidden below.

The following trophies are related to maneuvers:

Historical notes

  • Maneuvers were added to the Ice Ocean with Ice release 2006-11-20. Skull shot effects and bilge token requirements changed with Ice release 2006-11-22.
  • Maneuvers were added to production oceans in release 2007-01-25.

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